A Snapdragon 823 phone by LeEco

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Being first, there's no feeling like it. No matter what situation, it’s good to be ahead of the rest. LeEco, the Chinese mega-brand determined to make it big in the U.S. this year, knows this, and the latest rumors point to the company announcing a smartphone with a next generation Snapdragon processor inside, before any of the competition.

LeEco is not stranger to being first. At the beginning of the year it was the first to announce a phone with the Snapdragon 820 processor inside,. Known as Letv at the time — it has since rebranded to become LeEco, and that’s “eco” for ecosystem, rather than ecological — the phone was the very impressive Le Max Pro.


Rumored that LeEco’s phone will arrive at the Mobile World Congress this June, with the Snapdragon 823 processor inside. This is unofficial, but what is specked to be a partial successor to the Snapdragon 820, expected to provide more speed and an updated graphics processor. LeEco was quick with the mark of the Snapdragon 820 powered Le Max Pro, yet the phone never actually went on sale at all, being succeeded by the Le Max 2. This meant the competition was ahead with the 820 processor. If the unnamed Snapdragon 823 phone from LeEco is shown early, we may see the same thing happen again.

LeEco’s announcing of phones, that look genuinely exciting, we always lean to hear about the latest tech, but we’d rather the company told us about a release in the U.S.

Instead of another phone with a dubious ‘first’ title attached.



  • Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is rumored to have 823 as well! It does not look like 823 is going to overshadow 820 right now. More of a marketing gimmick?

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    Saw that rumor of LeEco phone with Snapdragon 823... It's the new higher end Snapdragon 8xx chips, more and more newer flagship will use it

  • Aww,and I was hoping for ECO NOMICAL!!!! Darn!!!

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    Me too. 

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    I'm still getting used to the hype from the 820!  The 820 will undoubtedly do a great job, curious to see how well the 823 does in tests against the 820. I'm sure in everyday use I would not notice myself especially coming from my  801 in the HTC m8.

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    still waiting for my first 820 phone (Axon 7) before worrying to much about how the 823 works lol

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    The main point here is the competition for ZTE as they work on growing in the US. 

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    I wouldnt say LeEco is even close to competing with ZTE at this point, ZTE has phones available on almost every carrier in the USA (prepaid companies included ) while LeEco doesnt even produce phones that are fully operational in the US so I dont think ZTE as to much to worry about. ZTE also has a huge advantage with there larger size they are able to leverage existing partnerships to ensure the best possible OEM parts and with Passport 2.0 makes buying a flagship from ZTE The BEST OPTION out there (FAR ABOVE THE IPHONE OR GALAXY)

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    LeEco is slowly expanding their products lines to US market, but at the moment ZTE is being one of the main ones expanding to US market alongside Huawei. It is best to get a hold of the market share before other "new" Chinese companies coming to the US. ZTE's Axon 7 is sure a compelling option for us

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