Before You Buy A New TV… Read This

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Before You Buy A New TV… Read This

So you’re in the market for a new TV and you’re thinking to yourself, where do I start? Chances are a new smart TV is within reach, prices have come down, choices are plentiful and the competition is fierce.

Step back for a second… Why are we still buying these big rectangles that we hang on a wall or sit on a stand? Why are we still connecting all of these wires everywhere? It was only ten years ago I thought to myself, wow in the future, a TV won’t really be a TV anymore.

I’d like to think these were the questions ZTE was pondering while they were designing the SPro Series of Smart Projectors. And while they were at it, why not implement the largest mobile device platform that a billion people know how to use.

I present to you, the SPro 2, the Swiss Army Knife of mobile devices.

Host a movie night!

Up to 120 inches

Play some tunes!

Dual JBL Speakers

Charge your phone!

Build in power bank function

Browse the web!

5'' touchscreen display

Use Your Favorite Android Apps

Built-in Google Play Store

AND SO MUCH MORE!                                                                                                                  pastedImage_4.jpg

            ZTE Spro™ 2 (WiFi) - ZTE USA                                 



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