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    Thank you for your candor. In fact, we would rather everyone speak their mind than pretend everything is fine. Feedback comes with the good and the bad, and it's our mission to balance signal to noise and make necessary adjustments when needed. Regarding points, I agree that they're a means to an end - where the end is the exchange of valuable information that benefits our community. The rewards system that our vendor (Jive) provides is far from perfect, but we're pushing on them to allow customizations that further align with what we believe adds value. However, we also understand that we're just one of many customers, and some feedback may not even be acted upon. That said, we will make adjustments to limit these types points-based incentives going forward. Whenever possible, we will weigh both quantity and quality, with a heavier weight towards quality. This is what we truly care about, and we hope that you would agree as well!

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    Greeting new people is simply the polite and courteous thing to do, in my ever so humble opinion. New people who make the effort to introduce themselves shouldn't be ignored by those who take the time to notice their greeting. That part is really more about be sociable, at least that's how I see it. I'm not sure that kind of thing adds much to one's points, anyway, but it can certainly be helpful in building relationships in the community.

    The rest is an opportunity to learn, discuss, and share, while competing in a friendly manner, but I haven't noticed much that would lead me to believe the community is somehow tainted by the points system. There's good information posted by very knowledgeable members, and since I'm very much into constant learning, I think it's helpful to participate even if only to lend an invalid opinion.

    There's no need to apologize - honesty seems a valued thing here, and from what I've seen there's no such thing as an incorrect opinion or observation.

  • Thank you to you and the other moderators for explain more clearly and carefully the point system and how you continue to update it to prevent skewing. I hate platitudes especially when they are patronizing. And I for one want to be consistent there. Yes, you all (moderators) deserve a thank you for the sacrifice you've made. And I will stand with you when decisions are fair. So, again thank you for the clarifications. And to others understand if you are trying to play the system. Their watching you! Don't complain if you've been scamming. Just play fair and we won't be corrupted. And cause the system and any merits to be lost.

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    Will we get another email to obtain the coupons?

  • I concur. Thank you for the reply. Informed is not forlorned!!!

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    I also learn a lot here.

    Grateful for these folks.

  • That's awesome

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    Sounds good. Thanks for the heads up. The forum was made to get beta testers and fans on board. An incentive like this doesn't hurt. Hopefully there will be more opportunities for us to get some hands on time with devices so we can help test or give a more insightful input on what consumers what on the next gen phones.

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    I've got no complaints at all. There's very little in the way negativity, which certainly separates this site from others. I've learned more about phones from my interactions on this site than I thought was possible. Just here having fun and waiting for the A7.

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    Hey speak for yourself I love my points lol just kidding.       I agree that some are a little obsessed, and sometimes it really is all you have to say in a thread. This past week, I found myself a little discouraged with the new off topic spot, as I had hoped it would be used for more intellectual topics, not solely to gain points or rank. I have decided for me, the good of this forum is more important to me than either, and people can speak freely about what they chose, it is not my place to judge. I am happy just being here, first place, or last, I'm happy

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    I was going to bite my tongue, and instead am going to respond. I log in at all kinds of hours, sometimes 2am sometimes 2pm. I check in through out the day. I say hello to almost everyone that joins as a new member. That said I have even gone as far as encouraging a few that wanted to leave, to stick around and check it out. New members are not going to stay, and be valuable if they feel this place is stuck up or intimidating. I truly believe that 1 person, yep just 1 person, can make a new member feel welcome enough to stick around, and become a contributing member. I will continue to do this, points or no points, it's just me. I post when I feel I have something to add, other times, if I see something I like, I hit like. This does not mean I am scamming the system for points, I am simply being friendly

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    Nice!!!! Thank you

  • It's not the first silhouette that you push but the second profile that has your or what is supposed  be your profile. I've noticed several like myself dont have profiles.

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    Great price already, but I'll definitely an additional $50 off

  • fzrrichfzrrich United StatesPosts: 4,257 mod

    Well said, and much appreciated. :)

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    I have to agree he has a good point the quality of posts here has gone down dramatically from people just trying to get points and win prizes. It really makes me spend much less time here than I use to, because it's hard to sort through all the useless posts. I understand ZTE wants to promote their brand and forum. They also want to reward their fans and I think that's great. It just seems to have backfired some and brought out the worst instead of the best in this community.

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    Yup, have to agree with that. A lot of short answer responses or useless posts, likes, marking things as helpful, etc. just to gain more points. I'm having difficulties going through the notifications and threads and finding a lot of duplicated topics lately, similar enough, but just a little different question. e.g., 3 Moto Z threads, multiple Axon 7 threads about release date, prices, etc., favorite color of the Axon 7, and so on.

    Promoting the site with giveaways, contest, and discounts will sure gain a lot new members/fans as who doesn't want a chance to win free things... But my concern would be, once the contest/giveaways and discounts are over, will the community be as active? Or will it be in a quiet state until the next "promotion event"? Meaning the forum is mainly made up of just people (not saying everyone is doing that) who want free things, not actual members that stay in the forum to share ideas, keep community active, provide feedbacks, etc.

    That's my take on the community at the moment. The ZTE moderators, the company, and all the members of this community is great though

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    I dont understand can someone explain this to me. How do we get points

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    Ahahaha, touché! I've received so many from this thread that it wouldn't even matter at this point. I'll peruse the link you provided as it looks like it might be of great interest to me. Thank you!

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    Very well said, and as evidenced by my comments, I'm on at varying times, also, and only when I'm on my PC. I'd be absolutely fine if welcoming new members didn't garner points, and I'd continue to do it simply because it's the decent and friendly thing to do. Of course, there's the flip-side, which is the fact that communication is the name of the game, and everyone should feel encouraged to be active participants in the community. People who have been here for a while can make new members feel welcome with a simple "hello, nice to meet ya." It's not a big deal, but I do find it kind of weird that anyone would see friendly behavior as a "scam" of some sort.

  • jamesjames Pennsylvania, USAPosts: 423

    Everyone has a profile, but some have chosen not to complete it. One of the things the moderators have stated is that if you want a chance to become a beta tester you should have a completed profile. I'm sure I need to work on mine, too, but I'm not sure if each of us needs to post a blog in order to claim "completion," or not.

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    You do bring up a valid point, that perhaps the points system isn't the best measure because of the way points can be earned, but I'm pretty sure 5000 points is achievable without going out of your way to make random posts and start threads and simply marking every response as helpful.

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    I'm quite excited about this!

    What's the retail price for the SPRO2?

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    I was just about to start a thread and ask how to turn off those emails. You've saved me s lot of time and effort there

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    Retail/MSRP: $549.98

    ZTE Spro™ 2 (WiFi) - ZTE USA

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    Me too, ​. I guess the link is only available after you hit 5000 points?

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    Hmm learned a new word "incent". Certainly more compact that incentivize


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    Very good points. I've thought about this post-giveaway potential as well, and I think this forum needs a little bit better organization to help fuel more focused and longer lasting discussions. For example, all the Axons have the same forum section. I think it would be more organized and help promote longevity if each product had its own section and there were subtopic sections within each device's section.

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    incent is not in the dictionary, however incentivize is  Incent | Define Incent at Dictionary.com

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