Bluetooth 5 to be announced on June 16

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Bluetooth 5 will be the next generation of Bluetooth standard and is set to be announced on June 16th in London. Bluetooth 5 is expected to be a significant upgrade to the current generation of Bluetooth wireless standard, offering double (2x) speed and quadruple (4x) range compared to the current low energy Bluetooth. It is said that Bluetooth 5 will offer more support for smart home devices and Internet of Things (IoT) functionality and great for advertisers/stores for location-base beacons also.

Currently, it is unknown whether the current chipset supports Bluetooth 5 or not by just upgrading the firmware or will it require new hardware.

What are your thoughts on the new Bluetooth 5 standard? How useful do you think having more range and speed is to current phones?


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    Sounds good to me, bring it on! Those are definitely welcome improvements.

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    From my knowledge there should be a simple firmware update for devices that are released this year should be Bluetooth 5 compatible.

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  • xiaohuojixiaohuoji 陕西省西安市Posts: 5


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    I saw this and am so excited. Maybe in a year or so I can get a phone with it and have my smartwatch range be wicked far.

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    It seems too good to be true that a firmware update could provide a significant upgrade to double speeds and quadruple range.  Seems to me that this is going to require new chipsets.  I guess we'll see.

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    My guess would be new chipsets as well.

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    Most likely require new chipset. It's not a 4.x update... If it was a "point" update, maybe a firmware could do it... but right now, Bluetooth 5 seems to be all new that might require newer hardware.

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    Sounds like an amazing upgrade to new devices using Bluetooth 5. Should be interesting to see.

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