Wi-Fi calling on AT&T

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AT&T is now providing Wi-Fi calling, making the feature available on Android devices. The carrier is the last of the networks to bring the feature to Android, but it may still be a while until it is usable as it’s only available with the LG G4.


The carrier brought Wi-Fi calling to iOS devices last October, it starts with the LG G4, and will need to download the software update from AT&T.  Notification should come out soon.


Once AT&T rolls out the feature to other compatible Android devices, that device will need to be on a postpaid wireless account set up for HD Voice, and be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Once Wi-Fi calling is activated, it will only work when you’re in an area with poor or no cell signal. If there’s a Wi-Fi network you can connect to, your phone will switch to Wi-Fi calling and texting until your cell signal improves.The feature is not unlike what services like Skype and WhatsApp have been doing for years, except this is built into your phone and uses the native dialer and SMS app, once it switches to Wi-Fi calling, the process is still the same as texting and calling regularly.


AT&T plans to add more Android devices soon. The other networks have been enabling Wi-Fi calling for a while now and most current flagships are compatible with Wi-Fi calling on those networks.

AT&T’s Wi-Fi calling only works in the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and certain international countries. Domestic calls over Wi-Fi are free, but you’ll be paying standard international rates if you call an international number.


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    Hoping at a point it trickles down to cricket lol.

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    Is Wi-Fi calling that good? I have AT&T and I don't think I ever used Wi-Fi calling on my iPhone. I see that it is useful if your home have very weak cell signal... But if you have decent signal, I don't think it's necessary having Wi-Fi calling is it?

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    For me it's great to have just in case and you need to be reachable. 

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