Exclusive Axon 7 coupon for active Z-Community members



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    No shades of grey for ya?

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    I'm with you there.

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    It's all subjective, and like lady I reserve my right to change my mind at any time.

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    The 5k race is now over!  We’re happy to announce that we’ve had quite a few members surpass the goal (the general leaderboard can be found at https://community.zteusa.com/rewards/leaderboards). An email will soon follow for all community members who surpassed the threshold with instructions on how to claim your prize.

    Although this contest is over, we hope that the incentive to create value for fellow community members continues to thrive on Z-Community!

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    Thanks for the update!

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    I don't intend to shup, anytime soon...l am here to keep everyone chatting!!!!  Pinkie Promise

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    Get them riled up... In a good way!

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    You got it...Always!

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    Congrat to the lucky winners

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    That sound like something my wife would say. Are you sure that you're not from New Jersey?

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    lol nope not from Jersey... I did spend 5 years in Philly(I am so not a city girl, I ran home like a lil girl) I do have family in W. Wildood NJ and we do visit.

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    Your orginal post says:

    • $50 off the Axon 7 when it is released (with expiration date of August 31, 2016)

    This post leads one to believe that they would pay $50 less than the phone. However, the e-mail I got over the weekend says that after I confirm my purchase, you will issue me a $50 electronic gift card. That is not money off, but a rebate; we pay the full price, then later get money back, hopefully. I say hopefully because there have been plenty of times I have never received my rebate reimbursement from other companies/stores/websites. I am rather disappointed that this is not the discount we were lead to believe we would receive on the phone. I find this to be a bit deceptive.

    Furthermore, I would like to know if this electronic gift card is one that we can use anywhere (like with a Visa gift card) or one that we have to use on your website. Can you provide more information on this?

  • petershihpetershih ZTE Fanatic United StatesPosts: 378 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I agree that this is both confusing and deceptive, but we assure you that our intention is not so. We are working through several internal kinks and will be able to provide more transparency after our official US launch of the Axon 7. Until then, much of what we can and cannot say do not rest in our own hands and we are just are restless as our community is.

  • shibobyshiboby AppletonPosts: 121

    Hi ​,

    thanks for your response. I can completely understand that you corporate policy can limit what was said. Nonetheless, "axon 7 coupon" and "$50 off the Axon 7" were said, but based on the e-mail I received, both are false. However, if at launch the original statements were to honored instead of the e-mail's rebate, that would be a big demonstration of a company that keeps its word. I'm crossing my fingers for that

  • vagavaga USAPosts: 347 ✭✭✭

    The email also made no mention of the $100 off the SPRO 2

  • petershihpetershih ZTE Fanatic United StatesPosts: 378 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You are absolutely correct and that was a big oversight on our part. It's getting late now, so we will follow up tomorrow morning with all of our winners. Please accept our sincere apologies.

  • mobilegeezermobilegeezer Chattanooga, Tennessee AreaPosts: 1,204 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I received the email updating us about the Axon 7 and SPro 2 coupons. I like how ZTE took ownership of the problems and explained how it will be fixed upon launch.

    Also think it showed some class to thank the two members who pointed out the issues.

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    Same here, glad they're working on it!

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    Bleh, at this rate I won't have enough points despite trying to be more active.

  • shibobyshiboby AppletonPosts: 121

    I tried to post this a few days ago, but apparently it didn't take.

    ​ I saw the email sent about offering the option of both the rebate and the coupon, as well as the offer for the SPRO2, and I was very happy about this. It is says a lot about a company when they correct their mistakes and stick to what they say. Yours is a company I would do business with. I would definitely by the Axon 7, if it comes out August 10, when my vacation ends. I know when I come back from my vacation I will not want to put up with my G4 anymore.

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    Is this coupon works only on ZTE website or can we use it on other 3rd party websites like amazon, newegg, B&H also?

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    The coupon only works on ZTE website as far as I know.

  • fzrrichfzrrich United StatesPosts: 4,257 mod

    From what I understand you can buy from any authorized retailer and provide proof of purchase to ZTE and get gift card/rebate. Although I don't think it is entirely clear yet,  I'm assuming once you receive an email with the code it will be accompanied with all of the details.  ​ may have further information.

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    You are correct.

  • oldirtyewokoldirtyewok Champlain, NYPosts: 165

    I would also like to take advantage of the gift card as I have pre-ordered thru an Authorized retailer here in Canada... Sadly ZTEUSA doesn't ship to Canada.

    Can someone shed some light on this process?

    I replied to that email all the 5K winners got about the option of coupon code for ZTE USA website, or gift card and to reply to state your preference.  I replied a couple days ago, but didn't get a reply yet.

  • oldirtyewokoldirtyewok Champlain, NYPosts: 165


    I had received a reply to the above, the option of receiving a gift card instead of using the coupon code is still available.  And can only assume it will be handled on a case by case basis.  You will need to forfeit your coupon code (as expected), and best is to contact them by replying to the 5k challenge email.

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