Reppin' Z-Community At San Diego Comic Con #SDCC

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Over the past few days, I and petershih took to the streets of San Diego to promote Z-Community.To say it was a huge success is an understatement. Not only were the crowds of people blown away by the Axon 7, SPro 2 and ZTE's current line up, they were more intrigued by what we do here at Z-Community.

From the discussions to the contests, most people have never heard of a cell phone manufacturer reaching out to current and potential customers to gain input on their devices.

They learned they we were not only trying to promote a product but a network of support and culture.

While we were there we made a few new friends and gained new members including ryans . He stopped by the ZTE Tour Bus to check us out. He was really interested in the SPro 2 and he knew he had to have it. Luckily we were running an on-site sweepstakes at the time for the SPro 2. He registered on site and the rest was history. He won the SPro 2.

IMG_20160723_122722.jpgHe was one happy camper!

Congratulations ​ it was great meeting you and we hope you enjoy your new SPro 2! We'll see you around Z-Community!

Hmmm... Looks like we have some planning to do for our next event.


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    Congrats that's awesome!!  sounds like you guys made a tremendous impact at comic con!  Way to go,  I'm sure you guys had a lot of fun.  Great work.  

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    Congrats to ​! It seemed like it was a great event at comic con! Wish I could have been there if I lived closer.

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    ​ Congrats on winning such an amazing device! Not only will you love the SPro2, the Z-community that comes with it is pretty amazing also. Look forward to chatting with you!

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    Congrats ​!  Put that thing to good use!

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    Congrats ​ on winning!!!

    ​, ​  When are you guys going to take to the streets of DFW??   (The Hometown of ZTE USA is feeling a little left out!!!)   ;-)

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    I'm glad you brought that up... Future tour dates are TBA but I'm sure we'll show some love to the DFW area.

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