iOS 10 will allow iPhone 6,6s, and 6s+, as well as the 9.7 inch iPads to save in camera raw.

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iPhone and iPad apps will be able to shoot RAW photos with iOS 10 | TechCrunch

BREAKING NEWS: Apple iOS10 will SHOOT RAW - YouTube


Third party developers will be able to shoot and store raw photos, but it’s something they’ll have to add to their apps — it won’t just suddenly start working across all your apps when you update to iOS 10.It’ll work with the rear camera onlyAs with many DSLRs, iOS can handle shooting in RAW and JPEG simultaneouslyIt’ll be available to apps running on the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, SE, and the 9.7” iPadRAW photos will be stored in Adobe’s Digital Negative (DNG) file format

As reported by a number of outlets now, iOS 10 will allow a number of iOS devices to capture raw images.

As many of us have likely experienced, a smartphone camera focused on being able to capture multiple images per second, will not be the best as processing those images. One area where many cameras struggle with when it comes to the built in jpeg processing, is noise reduction. Often you will get blotchy noise reduction artifacts, while if done in post to a raw file, on a platform where you can spend more time doing a higher quality noise reduction pass,you will often get cleaner and more consistent results.

An example i like ot use, is one of a random PCB that I took. The image on the right is a 100% crop of the jpeg output from the camera, and the one on the right, was from a DNG raw file saved by the camera (both were at 1600 ISO).

The main difference was that the image on the left was processed in photoshop (neat image plugin for noise reduction), while the one on the right, was processed by the camera.


There are countless benefits to raw, and apple is finally catching on, and allowing their users to get a nice boost in image quality, in addition to vastly improved dynamic range. as I have demonstrated in a previous blog post, comparing the HDR output from the ZTE axon pro, to the raw output of the canon powershot SX230 HS with firmware mod for raw. (mainly because both image sensors are of a similar resolution, and offer a similar bit depth for their raw output (the sensor has 100% support for it, they simply need to enable it on the smartphone).

All in all, the industry is heading towards camera raw, and even apple who is extremely slow to adopt more advanced software functions, has made the move.

Hopefully this will be the last year we see any phone maker release any device with a camera, that doesn't have raw enabled at launch. Hopefully the axon 7 will have raw capture, and hopefully those of us with the Axon pro, will get an update to enable it.


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    Agreed on all points.  Having the option of camera RAW is wonderful and a big deal for those of us who use it.  It might make me give the iPhone 6s Plus (or 7 Plus) another consideration,  if the Axon 7 does not support Android's RAW. I plan on keeping my next phone for 3-4 years,  as I did with my Nokia Lumia 920, so price is secondary to features such as this one.  By far.

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    Wanted to add a little update. It seems that iOS 10 betas are now up for download, If I come across any raw files from the iphone 6s, I will try and add them here also.

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    This is awesome news. The 6 and 6 Plus aren't supported? That is very sad.

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    It seems to be for all of their devices running the A8 SOC or newer, thus iphone 6 and newer.

    If you have an iphone 6, then in the near future, you may see a nice bump in the quality of images that are saved, provided you are okay with larger raw files. A 10-12 bit per channel raw file at 12 megapixels, is close to 19MB in size.

    Provided apple doesn't artificially cripple the burst shooting, the internal storage will be able to handle a capture of up to 7FPS, thus high quality and fast shooting.

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    My mother has the iPhone 6 128GB. Probably has more than 90GB free

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    Do you guys think the Axon7 show offer the ability to shoot raw? Head over here to this discussion 

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