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What's Project CSX?  It's a project here at ZTE that we refer to as Crowd Sourced X, where "X" can literally be any device within ZTE's mission.  We want to build the best products for you and for everyone around the world.  To do this, we welcome your ideas, your comments, your votes and any participation that you feel comfortable that will help us to build the next great thing.

As a part of Project CSX, ZTE is committing to build a mobile device, by 2017, that is based upon your ideas and/or your votes.  We're listening to you, and to our community, because you know best.  You don't need some random person, in some unknown organization, to decide what's best for you.  This is your opportunity to let your voice be heard and for you to tell us what to build.  Along the way in this fun and creative process, we're also giving away prizes!

Of course, there are always rules and restrictions to any competition.  The most important is that the product that we end up building follows ZTE's mission.  Therefore, it must be a mobile product, technically possible by 2017 and be affordable to the general public.  Our mission is to build great products that anyone can use, not just the select few.

To participate, head over to CSX now for instructions, prizes, rules, and much more.

That's it.  Welcome to CSX.  We look forward to seeing what all of you, our global community, is ready to build!



  • I think smartphones should equipped with a digital camera zone means that the rear camera should have a beautiful glass area surrounding on the camera with various lights that informs when we use our rear camera

  • ZTE Axon 7 is a good device but if these changes where made or added it would have been a must have device for me personally speaking.

    1.On screen navigation should have been added the capacitive one on the ZTE Azon 7 doesn't light up.

    2. Front led light with ability to change into any color like Samsung Galaxy S series.

    3.front facing speakers are good On the ZTE Azon 7 but not as good as the ones on the Alcatel idol 4s.

    4. Stealth black color oprions should be included, as man I not a fan of gold, space gray or silver. Look @ the HTC m7 Black and you will know what I am taking about.

    5. OIS  and led flash on the front facing camera as long as the cost of the Phone won't go way up.

    6. Laser auto focus for the rear csmera.

    7 And a must have IR blaster, this as influenced my decision when buy a new smart phone that's why I am no longer interested in any modern Samsung phone, my current smart phone is the lg v10 but my main issue with it are no amoled screen, battery life is terrible, no front facing speakers, phone quality is not on par with Samsung galaxy s6 and above. Other than that its a good phone.

    8. HiFi audio and amp.

    9. 3500mah and above battery with quick charge 3.0

    10 And finally Amoled screen 1080p and above

    If ZTE above can cram all these specks and features into a phone that looks as good as the ZTE Azon 7 pro or Azom 8 and within the price range of 450$ 650$ its should be killer device worth having.

  • 1.Most of your phone's have finger print scanner but what is the use of it as long as any one can open it with the pin

    I think when any one would try to login with your pin should go to guest mode and if logined with fingerprint scanner then it should go to user mode.

    2.zte phone's excels in every department but not really in the camera I think zte should improve their camera ,hardware of the camera seems good but I think there is a problem with the software.

    3.smartphones with metal and glass back really slips from your hands our precious smartphones just gets break due to the slippery back.  I think its better to use metal sides and use back panel with Kevlar(eg. Black berry priv) or a plastic back like(lumia 930 /830) so that they won't slip from your hands. Otherwise use a shatter proof panel like Moto force.

    4. Why not include a stylus if possible .

    5.And make two versions like Android and Windows so that more customers will get attracted.

  • The location of the fingerprint scanner is a controversial point. some prefer the front, to be able to unlock the phone on the table, without having to grab it, others prefer the back, to be more ergonomic and need less effort to unlock. But I suggest the reader's place in the side, a next position where the fingers are when holding the device. Even the power button, or on the opposite side of the power buttom.

    Thus, we can unlock the device on top of the table, without lifting it. And it requires the minimum of effort to unlock when holding the device.

  • OK, not to nitpick, but you spelled Axon wrong 5 TIMES! It's 4 letters. C'mon man.

  • Most phones these days work fine as phones. They are fast enough, many have good display and Android in its naked form offers plenty of features and support a great garden of apps. The one way to separate itself from a crowd is to make a true combination of top notch camera combined with a decent phone. Nokia 1020 was a superb camera (for its day) but a horrible phone crippled by terrible Microsoft operating system and few poor quality apps. What I would like to see is a phone that has a large high quality display with decent phone and a top notch no compromise camera. I am a serious photographer exhibiting in art galleries and I have been judging photographic for many clubs in my area and also repeatedly judging international competitions. I find that many cell phones have a decent camera, but all of them compromise in some area. Here is what I would like to see:

    1) RAW (DNG) file support for editing in Lightroom/Photoshop

    2) High resolution sensor that could be downsampled to reduce noise (just like Nokia 1020) or ability to take and combine multiple exposures hand-held to get a high resolution image or to increase the depth ("photostacking") or to increase dynamic range ("HDR" or "high dynamic range"). Multiple exposures would require top notch image stabilisation such as offered in upcoming Olympus EM-1 Mark II camera.

    3) Co-operation with DXO (Homepage | ) to develop a module for processing camera's DNG files in their DXO OpticsPro software. This software is superb for reducing the noise without smearing the image and it also corrects for most optical limitations of camera/sensor combination.

    4) Top notch lens. It does not need to be superfast if it is well stabilised.

    5) Top notch sensor, preferably a large one like the one in the Nokia 1020.

    6) Dedicated shutter release button. Dedicated shutter speed and exposure (+ and -) wheels and easy control of focus and ISO (dedicated wheels would be nice if it could be done, but controlling from touch screen is tolerable and it is the way it is currently done on most phones).

    7) A possibility to screw in filters including UV and Neutral density. The filters should have standard thread and be of diameter that is readily available from multiple sources.

    8) Daylight balanced (fill in) flash with software-controllable power output.

    9) Bluetooth/Wifi enabled remote control which would allow to sync the display output and control of basic camera functions including shutter,  shutter speed, focus, exposure and ISO.

    10) Removable memory card or a lot of memory and a large battery or removable battery

    11) Optional camera grip which combines protection from impact + extra battery, flash dedicated camera control features including dedicated shutter release and wheels to control shutter speed, exposure, ISO and focus, screw in filter option, extra memory, tripod socket and larger flash.

    The phone would come with basic (unmodified) Android with open source option to develop camera apps for the camera of collaborating with companies that produce high end apps like FV-5 ( Camera FV-5: professional camera application for Android ). I think that most if not all of the above is technologically achievable now (it has been achieved). Some of the features may not be cheap to implement and it would appeal to a subset of users seriously interested in photography. On the other hand, most of the phones these days are "good enough" for many of us now and the reasons for updating are diminishing. A phone with the abilities listed above would tower over competition as a photographic tool and it would strongly motivate serious photographers to purchase it as an "allways with you" small but serious camera

  • This is what I want in the next zte smartphone key points.

    Display I want it just like ZTE Z9 blezless screen and the same features aswell.

    Powerful camera.

    2k screen.

    Big enough battery like s7 edge.

    Voice control music no matter what screen your on sometimes I play games online on my phone but I wanna switch song or something but I can't so instead of leaving the screen to go to the music apps I would rather say which song and it will switch for me without having to leave what I'm playing.

    No buttons on phone fingerprint scanner built inside the screen and volume can be controlled by touch screen at the sides just like brightness was controlled on the z9.

    No more power button touch on the screen with your chosen fingerprint will turn on your phone.

    Just some ideas I have but I do have a few more.

  • Don't build yet another smartphone. We have too many of those.

    How about - smart camera system for cars? Older cars don't come with backup cameras, so the market is huge. Make a wireless bluetooth camera that can be easily attached to rear license plate. Make software allowing any bluetooth phone to view it.

    Also make camera for the front, because why not. It would make parking in tight spots that much easier.

    Bonus: make the camera unit measure distance traveled. This could be used by drivers who keep tabs on kilometers/miles for tax purposes.

  • jyeejyee VP, Product Marketing & Strategy San Francisco, CAPosts: 130 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks everyone for the comments.  To be eligible for the CSX competition, you can't submit ideas and specs here.  It needs to be captured in Project CSX and voted upon by the community at .  Please submit there is you want to be eligible for the prizes, including the trip to CES 2017 in Las Vegas.  Also, remember that it doesn't have to be specs about a smartphone.  We're encouraging users to step outside of the box and think about any type of mobile device.  Anything... as long as it has a wireless connection of some sort.   

  • ZTE must start a new thing which other phone or company didnt start...

    I think like phone should have a battery life of minimum 3days.. with good specs like FHD screen is enough with figure print scanner both rear facing camera with Lazer auto focus and they must try front facing camera with flash which will be very useful in low lighting conditions.. with 5.5 inches screen and snapdragon 820 chipset with  water proof and NFC there must be a option like to switch between on screen buttons to capacitive which will make their own preference and many people will like that option.. and all the specs should be good and the main reason to buy this phone should be its battery life and please dont make any compromise.  And also the charging time must be between 2-3hours max and battery life for 3days whch makes this phone the main selling point with very good specs! People there days mainly see the battery life with good camera and specs which are common on mid range phone! Phone with awesome battery life good camera specs which every mid range phone have like NFC  with water proof! This specs are enough for the best phone in mid range!

  • Jyee. I am not sure if my idea for a cellphone has been submitted in the right place. I am interested in the prizes of course. The device I described need not have the classical shape of the phone, as long as it is easily pocketable, runs on Android and functions fully as a cell phone as well as a camera. Basically, I would want to have it always with me so that it functions as a phone, but i am not too concerned whether it is the thinnest device on the planet. Having a combination of a decent phone (just decent, does not need to be the absolute best) with superb display visible in bright daylight and a superb, long lasting camera is the basic requirement. Currently there is nothing like it, even though the technology exists.

  • How about a phone you can draw on. And then clean off. Or something to that effect. So instead of getting a case with flowers on it you just draw flowers on it. I'm thinking either your have a screen on the back too just for that or make it so markers can draw on it and then be washed off. So also keep it water resistant.

  • ZTE must start a new thing which other phone or company didnt start...

    I think like phone should have a battery life of minimum 3days.. with good specs like FHD screen is enough with figure print scanner both rear facing camera with Lazer auto focus and they must try front facing camera with flash which will be very useful in low lighting conditions.. with 5.5 inches screen and there must be a option like to switch between on screen buttons to capacitive which will make their own preference and many people will like that option.. and all the specs should be good and the main reason to buy this phone should be its battery life and please dont make any compromise.  And also the charging time must be between 2-3hours max and battery life for 3days whch makes this phone the main selling point with very good specs!

  • I think ZTE's next move should be to make a phone with a large battery 3700 to 4500mah, with quick charge and wireless charging. 5.4 inch screen so its not huge but not tiny either and a new innovation should be instead of making an edge screen make a screen on the side of the phone where you can toggle music controls.etc while the screen is off. Needless to say latest flagship specs.

  • The Axon 7 just need improvements. Add radio, infrared and bigger battery if possible to 4000mAh. NFC I could do without, front dual speakers are a plus.

  • I would like to see 1tb of memory along with a longer battery it would be kinda cool to have lighting effects like on the Razer firefly that can either be left on with minimal battery drain or just lights up when a text or call comes in..maybe even a higher megapixel rear camera like 50-60 and a 20-25 front facing camera would be nice

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    There are a lot of great ideas here. Let's make sure ZTE can document them all effectively.

    Head on over to to submit your ideas and vote for others!

  • please make a smartphone with descent specs and a landscape physical keyboard. the last sidekick was a favorite of mine and if there was another like it with lasted hardware and software i would by it.

  • How about using a custom ZTE smartband to allow factory workers to receive basic notifications?

    I just found out that many tech factories don't allow their workers to have their smartphones on them during their shift. It makes sense of course, I just never thought about it. They say it's for espionage reasons, but obviously it's for productivity/distractions too. Well, I think in today's day and age it is unecessarily cruel to deny people access to real-time, potentially life-changing information just because they own a pocket supercomputer. There's got to be a good tech-based compromise. No doubt geo-fencing and firmware/app based compromises will be presented as solutions to this issue, but I think that an old-fashioned physical locker is the most secure way and easiest to manage. I envision a locker (in any number of shapes and sizes) that, like a sophisticated vending machine, mechanically exchanges a fully-charged, inexpensive smartband with the user during the "period of denial". The smartwatch or smartband can be set to receive (via RF) whatever information the administrator sees as necessary (missed calls, texts). Numerous automated authentication schemes can make the process automatic, and if a smartwatch gets lost or broken, the machine at least knows who was at fault. It's admittedly a bizarre concept, but who knows, we might have to go there someday. The Military, Government, Private Venues/ Concerts, etc, might also benefit from this. Here's a conceptual sketch:

    CSD (NP).jpg

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      please submit your idea here .

  • sshasansshasan Staff Member United StatesPosts: 4,077 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    share your ideas here for everyone to see.

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    To be eligible for submission it needs to be placed in Project CSX, not this blog.  You can submit an idea at

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    head on over to and submit your idea.

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    I'm sure there are others that would agree with your ideas. Please submit them here .

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    Why not submit your ideas for a chance at a prize... Click here   to have your idea voted on.

  • I think another flagship killer at a low price wouldn't hurt! Let's say something like a 8 Axon 8? With a QHD display, amazing front facing speakers, hi-fi audio output, have the home button dead center and the others buttons spaced out more, a 5.7" or 5.5" screen, an all metal unibody design with an all black option, a 3500+ milliamp hour battery with usb c 3.0, a dark or night mode would be awesome, the software could be closer to stock Android, it can run on a Snapdragon 821 chip and have Android Nougat 7.0. The overall price could be $450-$550 maybe.

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    A well-placed fingerprint scanner is important to the design and functionality of any phone. Submit your idea here .

  • sshasansshasan Staff Member United StatesPosts: 4,077 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    From the looks of it, the camera is a very important aspect of the smartphone for you. Head on over to   and add in your idea for others to vote on.

  • I think people are not read or abiding by "Therefore, it must be a mobile product, technically possible by 2017 and be affordable to the general public". So with that being the key point.....we shall be simple

    1 front facing speakers

    2 Bluetooth 5.0 with aptx

    3 6 GBs of ram

    4 android 7.5 or 8 at launch

    5 joined android OS beta program so OS upgrades with be done quick

    6 dual Sim AND expandable memory (no marketing a dual Sim phone with expandable memory when it's really just one or the other)

    7 if cost is an issue, get rid of the fingerprint scanner and please no iris scanner

    8 built in 64gb memory

    9 dual rear camera with ois and laser auto focus. No need for RAW capabilities

    10 exceptional low light/black/night time photography

    11 modular add-ons are fine, but they need to be affordable, and imho simple to install like the motor mods (what's easy than a snap on magnet?)

    12 ONE phone for the world (why are all the companies making different variants - get rid of CDMA chips, and seriously your mention 5g already some of you?)

    13 wifi with all bands  (inc ac) and dual band please

    14 latest gorilla glass (currently 5 but who knows what next year brings)

    15 do I really need 4k or 2k viewing on my phone? No I don't - but I would like to be able to stream it to my TV when I choose to

    16 USB-C obviously

    17 cost effective repairs for broken glass

    18 save $ by making ONE colour but ship a skin, or work with a skin manufacturer to get a free skin for buyer

    19 waterPROOF,  if that's too expensive, then high end water resistance without plugs for any ports

    20 2 variants only 5.2ish" with 3000+ battery  and a 5.8ish version with a 4000+ battery everything else the same

    21 bezeless with a high screen to body ratio

    22 no rounded curved edges of glass! normal flat simple and beautiful. Will be way more affordable that way

    23 depending on cost, included eInk underlying display that is app dependant (kodo,  Kindle by default let user add other if they choose)

    24 get a Canadian sales rep or importer to help you get into this market (feel free to contact me)

    25 90% pure android, and have and ZTE skins or apps updatable through play store which will help with OS upgrades

    26 fast security updates

    27 one free shattered glass repair within 2 years

    28 free or discounted (prefer for the life of owning a ZTE phone-in on of this free for 6 month crap if possible) :

    *Google Drive or whomever gives u best deal ornoffer) for increased storage

    *Netflix (shomi/cravetv in canada)

    *Amazon Prime

    *Spotify, Google Play Music, etc

    29 I love the idea of this new solar powered glass or skin that charges the battery - resounding yes if cost effective

    30 obviously all quick charge or fast charging options -or go with just one if they buck up for it

    31 help your customer with data costs by including AM/FM/HD Radio/SiriusXM antennas if possible (the SiriusXM could even be a module addon?)

    32 all the sensors in today's phone THAT ARE MAINSTREAM, we are making a phone for the masses, not the few who use a barometer,  etc. Save $ by excluding sensors that aren't used by 80+% of the population

    33 get hardware deals for your customers (SONOS (or whomever) -  want ur app pre-installed?  How much discount will you give our customers and how much will u pay us to install it so we can reduce the phones cost?

    34 front camera with ois, auto focus, and flash

    35 Blackberry Hub+ pre-installed or license it from BB (no 99 cents per month]

    36 make it easily tweakable - tweakers  are going to tweak, non-tweakers won't. Encourage a community and u will be loved  (and I'd guess it's mostly tweakers posting here anyways)

    37 develop a fantastic trade-in program!

    38 keep in mind a thin and light phone (not the thinnest or lighest in the world) I'd rather a great phone than the thinnest or lightest

    39 offer a reasonable extended warranty program like laptop manufactures do. They offer it because people can't be without their laptop. I'd say that most people can't be without their phone before they could be without their laptop

    40 seriously - hire me.

  • Zero need for a QHD display on a phone.not yet anyways

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