How ZTE should make their software, share your thoughts

This is my personal take on how ZTE should handle their software to not only satisfy their customers but to also release speedy updates and increase sales. Mi Favor ui isn't bad but its not refined. Here's my take how ZTE can have their ui, a stock ui look system and mi favor at the same time long with other software improvements. I am no where near a coder or someone who knows the back ends to make these happen...but i flash roms all the time and know that majority of these features are possible.   Please i insist on everyone imput your feedback and or ad on to this.


1. Must be the absolute smoothest software experience out there.   

2.Want to partner up with action launcher creater to have action launcher baked into the phone for a VERY smooth non jittery experience similar to sony 6.0 concept build launcher. App launches must be seamless

3. Software must be HEAVILY CUSTOMIZABLE without having to root.

  1. Able to use any icon pack from playstore, able to use any theme pack that's compatible with cyanogenmod if possible

  2. Able to choose which emoji style (default is emojione) Options: stock android, twitter, facebook, ios, samsung etc.

  3. Basic features that are in custom roms (customize buttons, able to disable power options in lock screen, etd)

  4. Work with Chronus weather widget to have it seemingly built in. Or build a weather app that works like chronus (Any third party app that's partnered up to be built into the os MUST feel seamless, and receive updates along with the app.) 

5. Camera app must FULLY be integrated with Android camera api v2. (Current camera ui is good) Must fully support raw support both front and back facing.  (must be available on playstore to push software updates quicker)

6. A lot of resources must be put into the camera software. Must not lag AT All. Camera algorithms must minimize noise, and be better in low light than it currently is (take notes to Google Pixel camera algorithm). Must rival or be better then galaxy and iPhone. 

7. Messaging app will be an identical clone to Google messenger but with even more added features. 

  A. Will have Google messenger feature of changing colors depending on the contact picture

  B. Full theme support similar to gosms, chomp sms, etc

  C. Integrated gihpy support to send gifs seamlessly similar to textra sms. 

  D. In app camera built into Google messenger will be modeled after the camera app made for the axon 7 phone. So you will quickly be able to take a picture from the messenger app like Google messenger but have more advance controls as to the barebones in app camera ui in Google messenger.

  E. Fully supports dual sim, if two Sim cards are inserted, it will tell to you which Sim card it was sent by via nick name. You can nick name your Sim card in phone settings. 

  F. Quick access to photo gallery, or recent pictures like Google messenger.

  G. quick reply exactly like Google messenger.

  H. Change Bubble Style from squared to rounded edges

  I. Change font size file

8. Contacts and phone app will be exactly Google contacts and phone app, so whenever they send out updates we will receive them too. If they don't have dual sim support for that then we will make an app identical to it that supports dual sim.

9. Stock browser is Google Chrome

10. All of Google essential apps will be installed: gmail, YouTube, Google plus, drive, Google play music, etc. 

11. Best third party material design file manager out there, partner up with to optimize it for the phone and when they send updates out we get it via playstore. 

12. Sound recorder, beautiful material design photo gallery that's primarily white or light color. But photo gallery must have high customization such as quickpic gallery. Also able to have special view for folders and subfolders in the folder. Also similar looking to Sony album app. WiFi transfer and Bluetooth transfer keen features. Gallery must have built in photo editing app that's seamless and a lot of tools for editing. 

13. Every app that's on the phone that doesn't effect the core of its performance such as gallery, camera, sound recorder and etc must be able to be published on Google play store in order to deliver speedy updates without having to update the operating system. 

14. Every non Google app must follow latest material design guidelines with ergonomics as a priority reducing learning curves for apps. 

16. Security has to rival that of the black phone or even better. Built in VPN for secured browsing, extra security in messaging app. 

17. Have SwiftKey modded edition pre-installed to have tons of free themes for their keyboard. All major languages for phone software and keyboard downloaded and ready to switch.

18. uninstall any app thats not a system app and wont affect performance

19. disable any app thats not a system app

20. Lock screen weather widgets

21. Double press power button to launch camera (camera app must launch FAST)

22. Built in app locker that uses nexus imprint with a combo of pin, pattern or password to lock any app on the phone from unauthorized access.


  • fzrrichfzrrich United StatesPosts: 4,257 mod

    Sounds like a great list of wants!  Very helpful,  thank you for the input 

  • xxbrun0xxxxbrun0xx Hartford, CTPosts: 69

    Or just release AOSP 7.0 as-is.

  • Trust me I get it that's what we want, but I understand that from ZTE stand point their want the look of their ui to be unique, thats why i said implement the cyanogenmod theme engine so that they can still use mifavor ui theme and if people don't like the theme they uninstall, every one wins!

  • Thank you! I'm a purist enthusiast but I understand thereres added features stock android could use, I think ZTE shold take that route, I think any purist will be jumping with joy with my suggestion.

  • coldheat06coldheat06 United StatesPosts: 1,795 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    ​  Nice write-up, as a long time XDA member I understand your list and like them!  We need to keep requesting features and the more buzz ZTE sees on a feature the better chance we have on getting them implemented into the next release.

    Keep the ideals coming!!

  • Thank you! I'm tired of these oems thinking they know whats best for the customer when we are clearly telling them things to help make sales, they think people who like stock android is a small group, it's not. People hate samsung software, people like HTC because its really close to stock without double apps and fure ui changes. I think my suggestion can meet both consumer and oems wants and needs half way. I personally feel like in order for google to reduce fragmentation on android..they should have released a theme engine for stock android with android 7.0 so that oems don't have to make a custom framework to put their skins on it they just create themes that goes out system wide without affecting performance. If users want to uninstall their theme that's fine, and at least oems don't have to feel like their phones aren't different from other oems. It just makes sense to speed up software updates even if its by a few weeks. If google did this it would be better than an oem creating their own theme engine so theres one theme engine api that oems can work on instead of it being scattered.

  • shadowsportsshadowsports United StatesPosts: 113 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but all of this is 100% true.  As of this morning, I'm still on the fence with ZTE and putting their phones into family members hands.  As a long time HTC, Nexus and Pixel owner...  The price is attractive, but you run the risk of forever souring a users experience on a new platform if that "new" device is a step backwards from a software experience standpoint.  When you move someone off iOS to Android, their experience has to be top notch. 

  • kyngoflyonzkyngoflyonz United StatesPosts: 183 ✭✭✭✭✭

    "Long time" pixel owner huh?  The Axon series has been out longer. #justsaying

  • shadowsportsshadowsports United StatesPosts: 113 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Should have been more specific...  long time user of pure Android, with the added bonus of (M8) boot loader unlocked, root and custom ROMs, where MiFavor, Sense and EMUI don't exist. 

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