Weekly Roundup [November 4, 2016]

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Welcome to our weekly roundup on Z-Community! Here are this week's highlights:

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Preview of Coming Week(s)

  1. With the 3rd software update of the Axon 7 deployed in the three months since launch, we remain committed to frequent updates and fixes. Even more importantly, our R&D team proactively reached out to the Mod Squad this past week to further align with what our community desires in future builds. With both teams fired up, you can expect many great updates on our roadmap!
  2. By now, many are either sick of hearing or eagerly waiting for updates to our upcoming Pre-CES Fan Festival. As frustrated as we are with the delays, we are nearing the finish line. So please count this as your final nudge to prepare for your video submission (see last week's roundup for more details)! We look forward to meeting you in Vegas!


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