Featured User Of The Week - Shout Out

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Featured User Of The Week - Shout Out

This Week's Featured User Goes To..... @coldheat06

We've all seen @coldheat06 helping members across Z-Community sharing his plethora of knowledge as a Community Product Ambassador.

You may have even helped him answer a question that has intrigued @coldheat06 in this off topic discussion

"Why is it that when you order coffee and they ask if you would cream or sugar in it......... Why do they never stir it up ??"

Although this question will be pondered and debated by scholars for ages, there is NO question that @coldheat06is an extraordinary asset to Z-Community!!!!

On behalf of the Mod Squad, we say THANK YOU for being a part of Z-Community!!!

Put your hands in the air for @coldheat06!!!!


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