Zeeks Comics: Funny Pictures & Video - Shot on ZTE

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Hey Guys!! Here's the scoop!!!

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Zeeks Comics are HOT off the presses taking Z-Community by storm!!

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As you can tell from my profile picture I have a permanent smile on my face. You can say I was born this way.

I want everyone in Z-Community to be smiling from ear to ear (although I have none).

I'm looking for a collective place to post funny Pictures & Video that were taken with your ZTE device.

The rules are simple:

1) First and foremost all pictures and video must adhere to (nothing vulgar/offensive please).

2) The footage must be original content captured by a ZTE device.

3) Post a Title for the content along with which ZTE device captured the moment.

4) MUST BE FUNNY (to be determined by the members of Z-Community)


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