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If you are a android user today, you and I both know that batter life is important.  Phones today have very high quality screens, but most do not pack the battery we would like them to have.  On average, todays high end smartphones only pack a 3000mAh battery.  Now to some, you might say WOW..that's a lot.  But in reality, it's not as much as we'd hope for.  So with that, here are some simple tips to help conditions your battery for longer battery life.

  • Sync - Some people might say, J. Williams...I need my sync to be on.  Well, you really don't and that's the truth.  Most of us go into our apps more than 100 times per day, that's a lot.  Turning off sync is one of the best ways to get more battery out of our smartphones. The main one for me, is emails.  I go in there several times an hour anyway, so there is no reason for me to have sync on.  Social media can wait, (we must practice this), because most of the things there are just notifying us of a good deal or something that is not really a NEED at the time.
  • Lower your screens brightness - If you turn off auto bright, and set your brightness you can save  battery.  I set mine at about 30 to 35%, based on my eyes.  You will need to do the same, because we are all a different age (lol).  In all seriousness, you can save battery this way, because the phone is not using any power to adjust it for you based on what it thinks.
  • Use power saving mode - If your phone has POWER saving mode, USE IT.  At night when you sleep, you do not need your phone sipping at all.  Most phones today have this option, and it should be used at night.  I know most of use HUG and sleep with our phones lol, but use this option and wake up to less than 1% gone if that.
  • Widgets - If you can, DO NOT use them.  They sip battery life like crazy, and can really drain your phone really fast.  If you have more than 3 widgets on your phones desktop, you are working your battery.  Limit this, and it will help. Also, icons on your desktop can drain as well, having too many that is.
  • Wallpapers - If you have an AMOLED screen, use a dark wallpaper.  This REALLY helps save on battery.
  • Animations - Using lots of animations can drain your battery as well believe it or not, so turn them off if you do not really need them.  Developer options (TREAD CAREFULLY) - In this option, I'd say just adjust your animations down to .5X or turn them off.  To get there, just go to settings: about: the tap build number until it says you are a developer.

The last thing I want to tell you about is clearing our cache.  Now, there are several ways to do this...but I'm going to tell you the way that is the best.  DO THIS ONCE per month, and you will be good to go.  Performance will be better, battery life will be better, and you should see a speedier device.

Turn your device off and then press and hold down the Power and Volume buttons simultaneously until the Fastboot menu appears on the screen.

Highlight Recovery using the Volume buttons and press the Power button to select it. When you see the robot on its back, hold down the Power button and press Volume Up once to launch the recovery menu. Now use the Volume buttons to select Wipe cache partition and press the Power button to confirm your selection. When the system cache is done, reboot

Well, these are a few battery saving tips, I hope this is helpful to you all. 


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    That's a good point about sync. I do the exact same thing. I'm going to try this out. I also didn't think about the power saving mode while sleeping. That will save easily at least 8%. The clock widget, Google Keep widget, Music widget, and podcast widgets are the only ones I use. Well Shazam and my live wallpaper randomizer, but all of these are pretty much still widgets that won't consume until used. Good tips though!

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