Using provided clear case?



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    I use the Skinomi Techskin full body protector and Spigen Rugged Armor combo for my protection needs. IMG_20161218_123424.jpg

  • Not only am I using the clear case that came with the phone, but the plastic that came on the screen (not the provided screen protector) is still on there and it's acting like a good screen protector too, going 3 months and still intact.

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    I've been doing the same for the last month. It's gotten me by.

    I don't drop my phone that often, so I'm not overly concerned about cushioning.

  • I got  from Amazon and it works perfectly. Slightly better fit and more protection than oem case. Also, buttons are much easier to push and control. And you get two for 6 dollars! ZTE Axon 7 Clear Case, [Simpeak] ZTE Axon 7 Soft TPU Transparent Slim Fit Protector Case [Drop Protection][ …

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    I purchased this 2-pack case as well. The buttons are hard to push on both of mine so I don't use them. I also purchased the Spigen Rugged Armor case. I like it much better. The buttons feel just right. It feels good in hand also.

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    Just got the phone on Xmas, so I'm currently using the included clear case and screen protector. Probably gonna buy the CoverOn clear case from Amazon and a Sandisk Extreme 64GB micro sd card. Also looking to get a good screen protector. Which one do you guys recommend?

  • Go with the Spigen case. I did a YouTube review on it : Axon 7 Spigen Rugged Armour Case Review - YouTube

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    If you want something good .. I would use a film style screen protector like This does use liquid to install it so if you are not careful you can damage the phone.. if you are worried about it .. I also heard that Best Buy Geeksquad will install one of the film style (guaranteed for the life of the phone) for 30 bucks.

    The Spigen case is nice but I found interferes with the screen protector .. causes it to lift by the edge where the volume buttons are. I tried several times to make sure the protector was properly aligned but it would still lift by the volume keys.

    I ended up going with the… It comes with a build in screen protector which is garbage in my opinion. I ended up popping it out carefully .. then installing the film one above ... then using the Poetic case .. it doesn't lift and has been pretty good for protection as far as I can tell .. tho I have never actually dropped the phone and not going to drop it just to check

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    I use the Spigen case and I have no problem with the screen protection at all, doesn't touch it so it doesn't lift it.

    I tried again the EVERGREENBUYING case, and well I do like it finally, especially the little stand at the back. Those are the two cases I would definitely recommend for the A7. The Poetic case is just... not good. Like johnorin I had to remove the built in screen protector and then the case is just... not good.

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    The poetic case doesn't seem that bad .. tho it does seem to be "harder" TPU so maybe not as good for drop protection than the Spigen. .. I like the Spigen better because of its size .. doesn't add as much bulk but .. as I said .. I tried 3 different times to get the film aligned properly and it seems dead on .. but .. the volume buttons seem to cause the case to "dig in" and it seems to lift the protector slightly right where the buttons are. I wish I could get it to work properly because I do like the less bulky Spigen ... The Poetic seems to give you a bit better screen drop protection (if it was dropped directly on the screen) and I do like the dust plugs even though they are a bit of a pain when you want to plug in the charger or headphones

  • kyngoflyonzkyngoflyonz United StatesPosts: 183 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have the same exact problem.  The screen protector lifts by the volume rocker. Still a great case though.

  • I get a lot of accidental button presses with the included case - do you get many with the CoverON case at that link?  And it has the hard back, I think - how do you like that? Trying to decide between the CoverON and the LIKESEA Buying Choices: LIKESEA Premium Soft TPU Silicone Gel Protective Case Cover with Shock-Absorption Function f…  and maybe this one .  Really conflicted on the screen protectors too - doesn't seem to be very many choices on Amazon and if they have decent reviews, they seem pricey.

  • kyngoflyonzkyngoflyonz United StatesPosts: 183 ✭✭✭✭✭


    There's actually a lot of screen protectors on the market for the Axon 7. Skinomi makes some of the best IMHO. I've been using their TechSkin full body protectors for all the devices I've been using since 2010. Spigen is also a respected and recognizable brand as far as cases go.

  • I stand by my endorsement of this one:

    It's a nice case, never get accidental power button hits and you get 2 for

    six bucks.


  • I purchased the Spigen via Amazon. The price was around $12.- at the time of purchase, compared to the $19.- it was advertised for initially.

    Fits like a glove, handles and feels very good, no slipping and it is not a fingerprint magnet.The side button protection requires a little more pressure, but I like that.

    The case looks great, and all cut-outs are precisely were they need to be. I highly recommend this case.

  • rimz808rimz808 Kailua, HIPosts: 48

    Loving the clear case. I bought the spigen case to be used when I need extra protection, however I'm most likely going to return it as I don't find it easy to hold the phone while it's on. Fits like a glove and I'm positive it will protect the phone during a drop, but I do not like the feel of it.

    i have purchased the coveron, kickstand hybrid slim case. Will try that out

  • Didn't realize you get two...I'm convinced...Sold!

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    I placed an order on 12/31 for ZTE Axon 7 Belt Clip Case, CoverON® [Explorer Series] Holster Hybrid Armor Belt Clip one in Orange or is Blue. They we're  $9.99 each. These were suppose to be delivered today by now but I believe cause many third party companies viewed today as holiday it may be delayed in shipment.  I am fine with that.  I did order two more cases via eBay titled- SHIPPED: For ZTE Axon 7 Phone Rugged Defender Heavy Duty Stand Case Belt Clip Holster, these looked amazing.  They're cost is $5.99 each & $1.99 (expedited shipping each)  if wanted.  They were shipped today. One hot pink the other is Blue.  I will report definitely once I receive all four in hand. 


    S. Cottle

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