Would you be interested in a ZTE smartwatch?



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    lol maybe .. but actually I have had no real issues with the phone... one minor one with the MagicJack app but I fixed that and now don't use it anymore anyway ... so maybe I would get lucky with the watch too and it would actually have an app that could track my sleep a bit more accurately.

    Then again .. probably not because it was said it was an Android Wear watch so ... I would probably be in the same boat as my LG .. it doesn't really come with any software other than i think a couple of apps and deals with google for fitness tracking stuff. So the ZTE watch would probably be the same it may have something for the heart rate sensor like the equivalent of LG Pulse but that's about it .. everything else would be Google Fit and android wear apps. 

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    I have not have any of these problems tho .. like i say .. I guess I have gotten lucky .. the encryption ..yeah .. that will be fixed and doesn't really bother me much .. nothing on my phone is personal enough for me to care .. and the app i use encrypts all my passwords so they are as safe as if the phone had workable encryption ... the vehicle stuff I haven't run into because I don't have a vehicle to connect too. The lock screen doesn't bother me because i use the FP sensor. The cache I clean with an app.

    I guess like I say .. I have gotten lucky and all the problems people are having aren't effecting me because I'm not running into the same things.. I can understand how you must feel because these items are effecting you and I guess I would feel the same in your situation. I'm not sure .. I have bad short term memory but I think the last patch was in late October and most of the issues being discussed were brought to light after that so it has been about 2 months and does look like its going to be close to 3 before we see the patch come out .. and yeah that does kinda suck for those who are impacted by these issues. I do understand how this can sour a persons look on a product .. I have the same feelings towards Asus for the problems with its supposedly high end motherboard and Corsair for their poor version of a power supply with a design flaw and software that has had a bug that I have been reporting with each new version on their forum threads where they have you post bugs for over a year and a half and it is still not fixed and they have released 6 updates since then including a full revamp of the software.  

    I guess I haven't soured yet because as I said .. The issues most are having aren't impacting me at all. For me .. I have gone from a tiny screen horrible resolution S3 that took about 4 minutes to fully boot after turning it on .. it was so slow .. a battery life that was about 3 hours if I used the phone as a phone .. about 30 minutes to an hour max if I tried to use it to do anything else. With a volume at full blast not being able to overpower the volume of the Axon 7 when its on the first volume step (the quietest before you went silent) ... everything for me is 1000x better than what I had.

    And I also guess since I'm a computer guy .. waiting 3 months for a bug fix doesn't seem that unreasonable .. things are usually much slower in the computer field so I guess that makes me a bit more tolerant. 

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    Im notorious for seeing both sides .. I truly feel bad for you that you are having such a bad experience There have been enough times where I have problems on the computer and tried to get them resolved and how frustrating it is to deal with a company and seem to get nowhere or wait for long periods of time. I think that's why I have gotten so good with computers is because I have had to take it into my own hands to fix some of the issues after trying to get support from the company themselves.

    There was one company that their hardware would cause my PC to crash when coming out of sleep so after finally getting a hold of the company they told me ... just don't put your computer to sleep. They gave no support at all .. I ended up tracing it to the devices network settings and was able to fix the problem myself .. At least ZTE hasn't abandoned us completely .. They are a bit slow .. but I think that was timing ... I think because of Nougat and Daydream as well as the bugs .. it is taking a bit longer than they wanted .. but there I go seeing both sides again

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    I havent had all the problems everybody else has witht the Axon7 , I only had 2 problems , the auto rotate wouldnt stop spinning , & like everybody else , the battery , but i would be willing to bet they are both fixed soon , and if they are , the Axon7 will be a great phone .

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    Ill check it out , thanks for the tip

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    I think a ZTE watch which offered fitness applications would be a promising idea, however the market is already very saturated and over competitive with these type watches these days. I don't think such would be a good investment for ZTE.

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