Who's hoping the ZTE Zmax Pro will get the new Android 7.0 Nougat update?



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    The only thing about the A7 that is in any way better than the ZMP is the speakers.  But I wouldn't pay the extra $300 for speakers!  The camera is also slightly better, but not a GREAT deal.  I have a 16mp Canon camera that doesn't take quite as good pics as my 13mp camera in the ZMP; it's not great in low light, but that's really its only drawback.

  • This is one of the worst cameras I have had on a phone. Colors are bad. Sharpness is bad. It's just bad. Even a Nexus 4 camera will take better pictures then this. Or a LG g2 or g3. This camera is just horrible. It takes OK pictures in well lit areas but far from wanting to take valuable pictures with it. Mine was 40 with 60 dollar rebate. Like I stated before, if it had a nice camera, straight steal

  • andriadandriad Metro Atlanta, GAPosts: 221 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I don't have a single problem with it, EXCEPT in low light, then it's pretty sucky, but otherwise, sharp, clear, great color.  The front (selfie) camera leave something to be desired, but it's only 5mp, so not really surprising.


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    I disagree about the budget market disappearing. It doesn't take that much to update the OS. Also, what the consumer pays is due to Metro or Tmobile promotions and rebates. I will assume that ZTE gets the same per unit regardless of what Metro or Tmoblie offers the consumer. If a company doesn't make enough profit to support their product, then they should increase the profit margin or cease making the product. Maybe ZTE is in the wrong business if they can't sell and support a functional product and make a profit.

    I won't get into my issues with the ZTE since the admins and mods have bullied, intimidated, and threatened to ban me. But basically, I've had many of the same issues that others are having. However, the last issue rendered my phone useless to me and ZTE hides behind the "CARRIER" and refused to help.

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    Sure, for $99 it's a decent phone. With one caveat however, only if you were lucky enough to get one of the "good" ones. How happy would you be if you had multiple problems with it? How happy would you be if you were one of the people who is on their 3rd one and still having issues? This is not about the specs or the price. This is about the issues with the phone and ZTE addressing the very many customers that didn't get one of the "good" ones or having other unresolved issues.

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    We didn't buy a budget phone. We bought a mid-range phone. We didn't set the cost, promos, or rebates. They did, so that's on them. Also, ZTE is trying to break into the US market. In my opinion, to do that as a company you need to offer a good price and superior service and support. They have the good price down, but they are failing on the service and support. Regardless of how much you pay, at minimum the software should be updated for as long as it's warranty period lasts.

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    You were asked what issues you're having twice (I think). Haven't seen a reply yet, just references to others on their 3rd device? Must say I don't buy any of it. I also don't know why other posters in this forum continue replying to you. "Bullying"? Please.

    I'm wondering if you are just making noise in an attempt to get something? A free phone?

    No idea, but your rants make no sense.

    Sorry not sorry. Somebody had to say it.

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    I did reply, sorry if you can't see, read and/or comprehend. Go back 4-5 posts and try again. Furthermore, I could care less that you "don't buy any of it". Go back and read through the threads, there are very many people that have done returns and still having the same issues with glitching, multi touch, rebooting, etc. If you, mods, or anyone else don't like my posts, you have the choice to ignore them.

    As far as making noise to get something? You're right. But it's not to get a free ZTE junk phone, I already have one sitting by my bed as an alarm clock. And it can't even fulfill that simple task, because according to Android several times a week, "Unfortunately, Clock has stopped"

    I'm making noise because I specifically told them that I would and they disregarded it. So ​, since you don't "buy any of it", you've shilled your purpose here.  I'm done with you, you may go now. Thank you for your input and have a fabulous weekend, LMFAO.

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    I addressed your question in the last post on the previous page. Don't know what to tell you if you don't like the answer. Anyhow, I do have another brand of phone but I won't even try with a refund since it's been 6 months or so. All I can tell you is that ZTE told me to contact Metro and Metro told me that it's a software issue and to contact ZTE. Classic back and forth blame game.

    Also, could you post a reputable link showing ZTE as one of the top selling brands in the US. Sounds like something an employee would say, haha.

    I would suggest that if anyone doesn't like my posts, just don't reply. I'm simply replying to replies. Trust me when I tell you that there are a lot of people unhappy with this product. These people have been very patient with ZTE waiting for a fully functional product, only to be ignored in return. ZTE hasn't even acknowledged the issues with their product. Anyhow, thanks for your replies ​, have a good night.

  • your only solution is to get another brand. the static issue is documented to be cause by faulty hardware. zte dont care so choose another company. vote with you wallet dont argue . most of these people love zte more than they love themseves

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    Please present this documentation as proof.

  • Really hope they would push nougat for this phone !! or else I minds well deliver a kidney to Samsung for the s8 +

  • ZTE Z MAX PRO static screen multi-touch issues simple fix! - YouTube

    here you go idiot. you just played yourself. you plausible deniability wont work with me. unlike you i dont wait for zte to tell me whats right or wrong i use my brain. whats your solution for this?///////////////////////////////////

  • waiting for your response

  • Would make one of the best midrange devices even better with the nougat update ZTE is awesome

  • At this point i'm be happy with bug fixes for the marshmallow OS.  By the time the MAX Pro gets 7 or 7.1.1 Oreo will be on its way out the door and google will be releasing its new OS.  I am very happy and satisfied with my Max Pro on the PCS network.  I just hate the lack of updates and the security risk ZTE puts its buyers at with the lack of updates for its phones besides the Axon series.

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