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Do you own or have you used a water resistant device?



  • maulgandhimaulgandhi United StatesPosts: 519 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have owned many Water Resistant devices. I am always careful with my smartphones, but water resistant smartphones comes really handy, when it rains unexpectedly. I have had bad experience with heavy rain, I was walking outside with clear skies and all of sudden, it pouring and my device soaked a lot of water, which did not end well for the device. I am big fan of **Sony Waterproof **smartphones.

    *IP68 Certified is a must for 2017/2018 devices.

  • trottertrotter United StatesPosts: 164 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    **Do you currently use one or have owned one previously?**

    I currently have a ZTE Quartz which is the only water resistant device I have ever owned.

    **We would love to get your in depth opinion on if you like your water resistant device.**

    I am loving it so far. It is great to now have to worry about getting it wet or sweating too much with it.

    **Was there a specific reason you decided to purchase your device with water resistant capabilities?**

    Actually I won it, but would have bought it if I had the money to do so. I have wanted a smartwatch and really liked the ZTE offering. The price for the value was spot on, with the water resistance being a nice plus.

    **Do you use your device at the beach, lake, pool, etc...?**


    **Would your current or previous experience make you consider purchasing another water resistant device?**

    Most definitely. My daughter has a Galaxy S7 and her underwater pictures are a huge persuading force.

    **What is the make/model of your water resistant device?**

    ZTE Quartz smartwatch.

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