Sonata 3 Missing Swiftkey Icon

Hi all!

I have a Sonata 3. I am trying to bypass the Google sign in screen. However, I do not see the icon for the Swiftkey keyboard. How do I get this to come up so I can change to the (Google Keyboard?)? Thank you!


  • I can't get passed the Google sign get to the apps. When I put my log in information in it says "This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced to this device." And yes, i'm using the correct info.

  • Yeah. The guy at Cricket yesterday tried to do the updates so I could get it. While doing so, he turned voice commands/descriptions on. Now, it's very slow like the voice thing is hindering any actions. I'm going to have to do a hard reset.

  • Because I can't get signed into the phone to access the settings. I may have to go back to Cricket & have them do it, but, I hope not.

  • I just bought a sdxc card for my ZTE sonata with marshallow 6.01 but I dont see whee I can send apps to the card. I have formatted it as portable. There was no option for internal storage. I see in each app a permission for storage but it doesn't let me transfer it. Is there a specific sdxc card I should buy? I bought Scandisc 64mg.

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