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I'm looking for help finding a phone case for a ZTE MAJESTY PRO Z799VL. Just bought the phone and can't find a case and hard cover for it


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    I actually found quite a few on eBay.  I can't link you to them but go to eBay and search for "ZTE Majesty Pro Case".  You might have to scroll down thru the list to see them as they don't seem to show at the top of the search for some reason.

  • kenken Va.Posts: 2

    thanks alot, just ordered two.

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    On June 15 2017, I bought a 2 piece for my Z799VL from the Walmart website, it was made by Miniturtle.

    I paid $10 shipping included. Not sure if my order is typical of what you would get, I ordered a 2 piece case of Captain America style (case includes a kickstand), which is what I got, but the delivered package also included a screen protector and a stylus. Those were not mentioned in the advertisement. I've used the case for a couple weeks now, I like it very much, it works well with the buttons on the phone, no problems with audio jack, no problem with using the Z799VL factory charger cable. There is a slight difference in my case: the opening in the case for the camera and flashlight is not hexagonal as displayed in the sellers post, it is rectangular, which I prefer.


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    I found Amazon always has a great selection of cases for ZTE phones. I always check there first :)

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