Pausing Issue

Has anyone found a solution to the Grand X 4 pausing issue? Ever since that update at the beginning of the year all video and audio playbacks pause for no reason. It doesn't matter if I'm using a URL, YouTube, or playing music from my SDCard, it all pauses.


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    hi, @Spike

    Sorry to hear about your issue. Are you using a case or has a screen protector? if so, try without them to see if the issue can be related to that.

    When you said that playback is paused, is the screen on or off? Does this happens when you play via a headphone or on the phone's speaker?

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    I have tried it without the case and it still does it. It does it regardless if I am streaming music from the web, playing a YouTube video, the screen is on or off, with and without headphones. I do have a screen protector on it. When I first bought the phone it worked fine, then an update came out, and it has done it since then. I can try it without the screen protector on it, but I'll have to spend another $10's for a new one if that doesn't work.

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    have you try to clear the cache?

    Can you try to playback a video or music file from the internal storage and not from the sd card to see if the problem went away (if so, it maybe an issue with the sd card).

    Sometimes streaming can be related to data connectivity that needs buffering as well.

  • Can I suggest you install OS Monitor from the App Store this might highlight the app that is causing an issue, and also show any memory issues....

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