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Literature says to use ZTE charger, but I don't see any for sale in accessories? What is recommended for car?


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    I would go with any reputable brand that have quick charge capability. The brands I usually recommend is: Aukey, Anker, Tronsmart, and Choetech.

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    For that smartphone, any charger that can give over 1 amp output, will allow the smartphone to charge and be actively used at the same time.

    If you are looking to fast charge the device (though it is not really needed if you are using the phone as a GPS while in the car, likely the heat from the CPU load of the GPS app, along with sunlight on the back of the device (if mounted to a windshield), will cause the device to use a non-quick charge rate anyway, since the quick charging only takes place when temperatures are low enough.

    Do you currently have a car charger with more than 1 amp output?

    If you need the full range of support for the charging modes of the smartphone, as well as fast charging for other devices, then Anker makes some decent ones.

    Though if the back of the device is hot, you likely will not see it use the rapid charge rate. It would detect quick charge, but instead of using a charge rate of like 2+ amps to the battery, it might just use 500-1000 mA whenever it detects the battery being too warm.

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    Thanks- I am a big Anker fan.

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    Anker and Aukey have been solid for me in the past.

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