Long term reliability

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I just bought the Blade Pro for my wife to replace here iphone 5C. After a few days, I am really impressed with phone and like the size. It look like a solid built phone and so far no problems with the phone. My question to some of you that have had ZTE phones for several months, especially the Blade V8, are you happy with the phone and would you buy it again. Looking through the posts, not seeing to many complaints, with exception of the dust in camera. That is a little concerning. Look forward to feedback. What about NFC, any one using Andriod Pay? I really like Appy Pay. I am looking at buying one for me to replace my iphone SE.


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    My wife and daughter love their Blade V8 Pros. Daughter's is getting fixed right now because it plain up and died. She can't wait to get it back. Don't know the cause yet. Wife loves hers as well. The only issue I have with it is the software has not been updated to Nougat. Some may see that as a plus, but I do not as it means they may not be paying close enough attention to it software wise. Neither use Android Pay, so I can't help you there.

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    I'm happy with it and would buy again. No issues except for minor dust behind the lower camera glass cover, which doesn't matter to me since that's the b&w camera and I don't use the "bokeh" function (or the stock camera app).

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    No, I don't use the b/w camera and don't want to risk blowing dust onto the other one.

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