Issues with notifications when calling (Axon 7 a2017u, Android 7.1.1)

Good day,

This post is for Axon 7 (a2017u ), Android 7.1.1

I have contacted support a few times with following calling issues:

  1. When calling - there is vibration when person in the other side picks or hangs the phone. There is no way to control it. 
  2. SMS notification sounds right in your ear when on call
  3. SMS vibration do happen when on call.  I switched it off but i prefer to have it on all the time except during call

These vibrations and notifications are very unpleasant to an ear.  These issues were happening before and after update to 7.1.1

During conversation with support i was promised R&D would contact me and would acknowledge these issues.

However, no one contacted me.... 

On a bright side I hope ZTE R&D looks into my post and provides some comments.

Thanks and regards.


  • I'm think none of this will help.

    This was happening right at the beginning.

    I immediately updated it Android N and noticed the issue. That was back in mid Feb.

    It stayed the same with update to 7.1.1.

    The trick is there are no options to control this behavior in Phone App. My old LG G4 had that option.  In a lot of places i read it is specific problem of Android N.....

    Not sure if FDR can do it and how to do FDR.

    Could I take it back to Android 6?

  • Chat support line told me there is no way to revert to Android 6....

    It would my favorite option....

    I guess i will try FDR and see.  Will keep you updated.

  • I'm novice in Android "sys administration"

    Would be thankful if you give me quick instructions on how to clean cache partition in recovery and and in cache in storage.


  • Well, I did do both: cleaned cache partition and reset to factory settings.  

    Issue with SMS notification/vibration during call got resolved - I found necessary settings in my SMS app CHOMP 

    Issue with vibrations when call is picked up by calling party is not resolved.

    Overall phone looks different (in  a good way) after factory reset.  Notification bar is larger, calling screen buttons are larger and more visible.

    One new strange thing has appeared. Every time I restart my phone and right when android shows home screen there is following notification: Android is upgrading...

  • I'm pretty sure. Here is cropped snapshot of the screen.


  • nope, it happens every time i restart phone

  • I am experiencing same issue: hearing unpleasant sounds and vibrations on every notifications, not just SMS notifications, during calls - Axon 7 A2017U B25.

    Please FIX this issue or at least give us an option to turn notification off during calls. This is a critical problem. All other major android phones have their own solutions, but not Axon 7. DISAPPOINTED!

  • Is there an update to this problem and do we know how soon it might be. I cannot stand the loud beep during a phone call. If phone calls do not function properly...

    The beep and all notifications during calls should have settings and options. I would not mind if there was a vibration as a notification during a call. The beep is deafening and not adjustable.

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