really zte again... omg just shoot jk

So after my complaints about me warp elite and a very serious discussion with zte over the chat option on this site they called and said they would send me a brand new zte warp 7... So they said but I got a used one no packaging no nothing well guess what phone I'm using approximately 4 to 5 hours later of receiving the device my warp elite... guess what the warp 7 used only worked a hour maybe and now it doesn't work at all nothing I activated it put in my pocket came inside pulled it out thought o it's dead put on charger.nothing at all... very disappointed... HOW ARE YPU GOING TO CALL ME AND SAY YOUR GOING TO SEND A NEW, YES BRAND NEW PHONE, SEND A USED F#!? UP ONE... Well whatever I'm so tired of docking maybe I gotta just hit cabs or bc or Fox UP cuz zte you know what I'm talking about and I'm t I red of the games should I send the pics from my injuries...??? YOUR really making me heated... I'm sorry but I'm totally off my kool now..hit me up and f I nd a answer for this problem or problems should I say I'm done bulls!!!!!+ around...


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    when the device is plugged in, do you see a notification LED that shows that the device is charging?

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    @wooiemay are you still in need of assistance as we havnt seen any additional post ?

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