Warp Elite charging problem

I've had the Warp Elite for only 14 months and now i cannot get it to charge. I'm a troubleshooter by nature, so I've done the basics - rebooted, removed sd card, tried multuiple charging cords/adapters. I've also used canned air to clean out the connector and a drop of contact cleaner as well.  I've found that with one of the cords, if I hold it in a certain position and don't move, it will charge the phone with no problem, but I have to sit there and hold the cord to do it. No apparent battery issue since, if i get it charged, it works fine. I'm thinking the USB charging port has an issue. Does ZTE repair these phones? I hope so, since i really do like the phone. Boost mobile has offered a Samsung for $55 or a LG for $99, but I really like my Warp Elite. Help!



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    Hi, your device has a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. You can contact our Customer Support Line at; 877-817-1759 for repair options. We also suggest visiting your local Boost store to check for any new ZTE offers.

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