random, more frequent restarts

mkmmkm Posts: 1
edited August 7, 2017 11:29PM in ZMAX [Series]

hi folks! new to this crowd, though i've had my phone since the fall of '14. first off, love my MAX 970. secondly, i have a tendency to like to solve what problems i can first, then ask if beyond me. earlier this year, i let my daughter borrow my max, as i had gotten a new toy to play with. she shattered the screen. i, therefore, replaced it......and that's when the power problems started. since then, it powers on and off at random times. done all the little tricks to do, up to and removing the battery, doing a board drain(hold power button for 10-15 seconds with no battery) but to no avail. phone is rooted(kingroot, of course!) all systems go when working. just that small annoyingly random, and now more often, on/off glitch. any suggestions? please, serious replies only, i've not the time or patience for the sniping or bickering i've seen elsewhere.....thank you all, kindly, in advance....

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