here are the apps that continue to reinstall themselves

I never installed these apps. They reinstall after uninstall. Suspecting they are coming from TouchPal 2017. Here is the list:
Alarm Clock For Me
Booster Kit
Final Fantasy XV
News Republic
Weather Live

I've about had it with this ZTE phone.


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    This is carrier (Sprint/Boost) "bloatware"... This is not a ZTE device issue. You can disable a majority of the apps that come preinstalled on the device.

  • Is it new apps being installed or is it current apps being updated? If they are new apps what are some of the names?
    I would recommend changing your Google password. Heck, just to be sure do this:
    1) create new (temporary) password for your Google account, preferably from your computer.
    2) log out, log in using temporary password.
    3) create new password (8 characters, mix or letters and numbers, use uppercase and lower case, don't use something easily guessed, yada yada yada...)
    4) log out of Google on your phone and log in with the new secure password. If you like, do a factory reset before logging in with the new password.
    If you've got a rogue app that's accessed your Play Store, this SHOULD stop it in its tracks.
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  • I've already said that I never installed nor have EVER used the app that is causing the problem. It is preinstalled on the phone and cannot be uninstalled. ZTE's solution is no solution at all because they tell me to do a factory reset. Obviously, that doesn't solve anything because the problem app, Touch Pal (which I DO NOT, repeat DO NOT use and did not know it was even on the phone until the ads started) will still be there. I stopped automatic updates after the last incident and force stopped (which I was doing anyway) Touch Pal. Now that it can't update it doesn't seem to be adding apps anymore or ads. Hopefully this will help others are are having the same issue.

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