Tips for cleaning the display

Hi folks! Recently I bought a Z981 I see it gets many you have any tips for cleaning it?
I dont like screen protectors...



  • Thanks Jim...I will get an eye glasses cleaner...

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    You can also try something like "screen cleaner" which would be meant for cleaning tv/pc displays, and/or phones, etc...
    I have a bottle of spray I bought from a couple years ago.
    It took me like a year to go through the first bottle, then I bought another since I really liked it.
    If may not last as long if you are using it daily, but the bottle of spray is pretty big.
    Just a little smaller than a can of soda, but doesn't have the ounces marked on the bottle.
    It's also pretty cheap (and works well), which is why I like it so much.

    EDIT: Went a step further and found the link for it here ->

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    I lick my screen and rub it on my shirt tail. True story. No issues to this day.

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    For fingerprints, I just use a microfiber cloth or most times just my shirt. If I want to do a more in depth clean I'll just dampen the corner of the microfiber cloth, and if I really wanna get in depth I'll use a mix of vinegar and water. That will help disinfect the display while not stripping the oleophobic coating.

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    @jimlloyd40 said:
    I never heard of using vinegar to clean a phone display so I Googled it and there were several listings that said the same thing. The acid in vinegar will absolutely strip the oleophobic coating. It may take awhile but it will. And remember don't shoot the messenger.

    That's why you're supposed to dilute it with water, but if you wanna be completely safe then stick with water or just your own breath that doesn't contain the minerals or chemicals that are found in water

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    If keys and sand won't scratch a screen with Gorrilla Glass I figure my shirt will work fine. This simple action doesn't need to involve chemistry and nasa.

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