Watch Face Wednesday 08/16/2017

jasonejasone United StatesPosts: 2,118 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

Watch Face Wednesday is upon us once again and it's the last one before the total solar eclipse happening on August 21st. To commemorate this historical event I searched around and found an eclipse themed watch face. This uses the ever popular Watchmaker app, which keeps proving why it's worth the price. To install, you first need the app and then you can load the face to your watch.

I'll admit this design isn't one of my favorites but I'm psyched about the eclipse and wanna show it off with my Quartz. If I'm not mistaken, it even has a countdown element for the moon graphic making it cover up the sun leading up to the 21st. I can't be certain but I'll be keeping an eye on it to see if I get a surprise on my watch on the 21st.


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