Why ZTE should unlock bootloader

ZTE I have been a great fan of all things electronic for many years. When I saw the specifications in the price for the zmaxpro I bought it the day it came out. I wish to the speakers on the zMAX or a little bit better, and I wish it loaded games faster|performed only very slightly better in games.

I'm a huge nerd and power user extraordinaire, and for those to be my only complaint after year use is astounding. For those see my only complaints in a phone that only cost me $100 has a 1080p screen with Gorilla Glass, is 7 in and crisp, performs performs fairly well in anything gaming wise I throw at it, and seems to perform as well as any other phone in the areas of reception and call Quality, I'm Amazed and I'm also still on my first phone.

ZTE people ask me everyday what type of phone I use one because they trust my mind and too often people **** because I see the large and crisp screen while I stream YouTube videos, and I can easily talk every single person that I speak to about my device into buying a zMAX Pro and switching to Metro PCS. The bang for the dollar is unbeatable, and it's hard to ask for much more than a ZTE zMAX Pro offers, even for a power user.

ZTE if you would have unlocked this phone you would have set the market on fire. Every single geek in the know would own a zMAX Pro even if they also owned a brand new Galaxy or iPhone. And $100 why not?

If I could unlock this phone and install custom software and firmware, am I able to have full control over the device including overclocking probably wouldn't have any complaints about the performance, or at least not when it was first released, as there were more powerful phones out then, but I got mine for $100 and it did almost everything iPhone costing 8 times as much did and sometimes more.

However ZTE at no point have you shown that you think that's your Enthusiast Market or customers in general are important enough to listen to and to fulfill their wishes. If you would have unlocked this phone it would have shown or at least would have this point so that you were here for your users and your customers and every single phone out my from here on out would be a ZTE.

Yet for some reason ZTE, you still have not honored unless customer request for bootloader unlock. With full control on this phone I could future perfect with custom nougat updates, and fix a performance issues, install more powerful software so that I am able to use my zMAX to work on repair other Android devices.

ZTE you're one step short of having released probably the greatest$100 phone of all time, and Shifting the perspective of cellular user everywhere as to where the price point for entry-level high-end high-quality Hardware in a smartphone should be.

ZTE because you have never helped us route unlock and install custom firmware on this phone, my next snow will not be a ZTE device, but insteaod will be from a developer such as HTC, whom I know, cares enough and puts forth enough effort, into supporting their devices that their users can't unlock any phone they produce and are often given updates that require not a single ounce of effort on HTC's part, a thriving enthusiast community supports themselves because HTC gave them the tools to do so. These users also recommend HTC phones to their friends, family, coworkers, and the guy sitting at the bar who thinks all the games and things that can play on their phone or cool.

Unlocking the ZTE zMAX Pro and your future devices wow continue to offer unbeatable pricing excellent selection of features powerful Hardware Great screams and fairly rugged / durable devices, would would make ZTE one of the household names and smartphones like Samsung and Apple. Give yourselves a chance and Shake Marketplace up. Listen to your users better, give them what they want, and let's Dethrone those ridiculous $800 Samsungs.

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