ZMax Pro Anroid Nougat Update

Hello I am brand new here .. thinking about buying the ZMax pro from Tmobile. Ive seen some very good reviews of the device.. Has anyone heard anything definitively if the device will be upgraded from Marshallow to nougat? And just overall what your thoughts of the device are


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    @mjablon Hello, and Welcome to Z-Community. There is no word on whether the ZMax Pro will receive Nougat, as that will be up to the carrier, T-Mobile in this case. The device itself, is great. I have had no issues with mine, and love the battery. I can charge tonight, and know I will be good through tomorrow night, even under some heavy use. From a cost perspective, it is definitely worth every penny. Be sure to read through the ZMax area, there is a lot of good information, pros and cons. Should you need anything, give a shout :)

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    This has been answered numerous times. MetroPCS is not going to update the Z981. It is a cost issue for them.

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    It's up to TMobile if they want the phone updated to Android 7.1.2.if metro pcs get update for the zmax pro TMobile have to push the to the zmax pro i thank there's is an Android 7.1.2 update for the zmax pro TMobile just won't push out.

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    I can't believe that users are still whining about this. You can buy at least 7 ZTE ZMax phones for the cost of the most expensive Samsung. Samsung still has to deal with the carriers for updates.

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    It's a bunch of crap when people tell you it's up to the carrier when ZTE has not even developed the nougat update for the zmax pro. We see now Android has some big security problems but ZTE don't care. ZTE only bring out security updates every 4 months for the zmax. Wouldn't be surprised if the zmax pro don't get anymore security patches. Just seems ZTE don't care they got people money and it. ZTE reputation for updates is so poor. I don't think I will ever get another ZTE phone I will stick to LG.

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