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  • I know, but the gold axon 7 isn´t an option either. If only there was a decent alternative that fullfilled my needs. I gues the only other option out there is the S7 dual sim, but I prefer metal over glass and really dislike Touchwiz. Since the HTC 10 doesn´t come with dual sim that isn´t an option either. It´s pretty unbelievable that in the current smartphone market It isn´t easy to fnd a falgship dual/sim phone with enough storage...

    I guess I have to be patient, but my HTC m7 is dying on me as we speak.....

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    Same here, my battery capacity is getting weaker and weaker by the hour...

  • I have the same problem and it heats up real bad every now and than. Been happy with the m7 dual sim last 3 years, but it´s at the end of it´s life. It´s getting pretty slow as well, so I need a upgrade. I´ll keep my fingers crossed for the release of the 128 GB version in Europe and hope my M7 hangs in there for another 2 months.

    By the way in the same twitter discussion with ZTE UK I mentioned above several people asked if they will release the 128 GB version in the UK, so hopefully we´ll find out soon.

  • So ZTE really accelerated European launch of Axon 7. What bothers me is not the gold color (it is not ugly and may somehow improve phone resistance to the outside temperature) but the fact that there is no distribution network neither any Axon service in Europe. A close look to any Amazon selling point shows that the phone will be imported from China and all belonging support is available only from Shenzhen or Hong Kong. They probably found the solution for import duties but delivery might take more time than expected. What is worst is that there is no European warranty but only Amazon warranty. It indeed lasts 24 month and demands that seller bears the cost of sending back and the repair but my personal experience with Amazon regarding that issue is not brilliant. It's not like Ebay and it doesn't interfere in the dispute but leaves everything on the parties. When I claimed false delivery for 10GBP, the seller agreed to take it into consideration but only under one condition - to send the stuff back on my own expenses. What would have costed me about 5GBP. And Amazon wouldn't help.

    And remember: the first and the second version of the Moto X came with a lot of problems at first. It could happens to the best too.

    What I want to say is, that any warranty claim for the warranty service might be tricky. You would likely find yourself in the situation that you have to send the phone to China on your own expenses. I can't imagine that the seller from China agrees to bear the shipment costs if I couldn't persuade the UK one.  Not to mention  export and import procedures in order to avoid additional taxes and duties.

    Lacking European support probably causes that confusion about LTE frequencies. And as I can see on published photos European model of Axon 7 might went heavily through MiFavor makeover procedure. For example the dialer looks the same as on the Chinese model. And according to the information of one buyer who currently lives in China, the Chinese model lacks the internet calling functionality.

    Americans might be waiting longer for the supply, but they have a significant advantage: they will have local distribution, service and 2 years warranty covering even accidental damages. And hopefully more authentic AOSP, at least without withdrawn system functionalities.

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    I looked through your thread and didn't see this posted. Congratulations to those in the countries listed on the available preorder!!!

    Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 2.00.24 PM.png

  • Too bad, here we have our answer concerning the release of the 6GB / 128 GB version of the Axon 7 in europe; there are no plans to release it, for now at least....

    ZTE UK on Twitter: "@lbhgaz Hi Gary, We do not have plans to launch this version in our initial release. Keep an eye out…

    I´m affraid we have to wait and see if someone is adventurous enough to try this with the Axon 7...

    Galaxy S7 best-of-both-worlds mod gives you dual-SIM support … AND microSD | Pocketnow

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    I'm really not happy about what I've been reading here about this bezel issue. I agree with everyone here wanting a truly expansive bezel-free experience which I don't like this misleading portrayal ZTE is making of the Axon 7 by posting images of the bezel-less display, while others report the opposite, with having large bezels. I'm going to make a post about this, actually.

  • ZTE France just confirmed it as well; no plans to release the 6gb /128gb version.

    ZTE France on Twitter: "@addictiv13 Pas pour le moment mais la version 4go est déjà super puissante !"

    I really don't understand the marketing strategy ZTE chose; only the gold coloured version, no elite version and the bezel-gate, why?!

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    The advertising photos are very misleadin. Looks like they are advertising one phone and selling another.

  • arysynarysyn IllinoisPosts: 1,067

    It doesn't make sense to me either. I think ZTE is really botching this release.

  • arysynarysyn IllinoisPosts: 1,067

    Exactly. I'm curious if ZTE will respond. I'm hoping some people will buy it, get something they did not expect, then complain/protest/boycott. Unless of course, ZTE does the honest, right thing before it gets to that point.

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    Isn't there a 30 day return policy from ZTE?

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    sure is.

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    I am excited for the Europeans! Now the USA is next!!

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