Dropping data on your Zmax? This may be the reason...

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Perhaps this will help someone and maybe someone can help me. Here's my ongoing story. I bought my Zmax from Walmart Family Mobile (Tmobile the service provider) about 3 years ago and other than the lousy speaker system on it, I LOVE MY PHONE! Well, I did love it...until prepaid service switched from Tmobile to, I shudder to say, Tracphone. Right at the beginning of the service transition I lost all internet. No "G" and zero LTE, I could receive and send SMS, but could only receive & open MMS (I still have MMS . I was current on my bill, I have a 5G plan which I use wifi 90% of the time so my usage was always minimal.
I opened a chat with customer service with WFM, and the rep determined I needed a new APN and gave me all the replacement info needed (Settings-Mobile Network-APN...etc..) I entered the info while the rep patiently waited. I thanked her, ended the chat and crossed my fingers and prayed as I reset the phone. I hate unanswered prayers don't you? Didn't work. Two days later I took my phone to Walmart and unbeknownst to me, I had missed some letters on one of my APN line updates. The clerk told me as she corrected my errors that the issue was with Tracphone the new carrier, and suddenly I had internet. I thanked her immensely and by the time I got back to my car my data was dropping, returning..pete-repeat. It was progress as I went from Zero to intermittent service. So a month later I took it to a Tmobile store and the saleslady confirmed the Tracphone issues and took my phone and started fixing things (I hoped). I was running late for work but if this got fixed, I didn't care. She restarted the phone, I thanked her and by the time I drove to the highway, I was dropping service. I've since taken it back and this saleslady said that Tmobile is no longer able to handle my phone, but offered to sell me another phone. Broke as hell, I declined. She told me, quite confidently, that if I chose to go with a new Tmobile phone/plan I would not be able to port my number. I still have this problem constantly. Also, my phone keeps getting MANY VM but no calls show on call log....doesn't show a call coming in at all. Just suddenly POOF, there's a new VM.
There's only 2 options left for me. Try a factory reset or get a new # and phone from Tmobile. To make this long story even longer...I seriously doubt that the issue is ZTE corporation... Hope this helps someone. If can help me...don't hesitate to contact me.
God bless!


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