Axon 7 - The CPU is overloaded.

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Last night my phone went from 50% to 0% in a few hours and then I noticed that I get the messages about the cpu being overloaded. I'm on B32, unmodified completely stock (not unlocked, no root). Is anyone else experiencing this? Should I be concerned? Hopefully I don't need to do another warranty return (OIS issue).

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    Those warnings are for when an application is directly using a consistently high amount of CPU time, or directly keeping the device awake more than usual. This can be based on sudden changes in use, and other times, it requires knowing what the app is doing for you. For example, it reports a video player as using too much CPU time, and you just spent 2 hours watching 4K video, then you know the power report for that specific app can be ignored.

    In your case you have a number of apps that are draining your battery, if ones that just run in the background with minimal interaction from you are there, then consider finding alternatives to those apps.

    Beyond that, the wording is not the best, as it counts overloaded as even constant moderate CPU load.

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    @razor512 Thank you for that explanation. While ultimately not something I can or will act on, it's nice to know that it's not a hardware defect. I have, on multiple occasions, told my phone to "disallow" many of these apps from auto starting but that feature does not seem to actually do what it purports to do (I have restarted the phone after disallowing and the app still shows up without being launched). I use these apps and I see this on so many apps that it is impractical to replace each one.

    • At Bat to watch my (wasn't recently using it, disallowed autostart).
    • DJI GO 4 to fly my DJI Mavic Pro, needs ability to autostart when USB to controller is hooked up.
    • Boxer is my work e-mail, no other choice.
    • 1Weather is a weather widget I've used for years but I can accept that it's running.
    • MyFitnessPal to count calories like I've done since 1/2014 to maintain my 80lb weight loss since 10/2014 (using its widget).
    • PocketCasts to listen to podcasts. No widget used and I set it to disallow autostart.
    • UAV Forecast to see the weather for drone flight. Set to disallow autostart, no widget.
    • There were more on the "Power Management for apps" screen.

    I feel that, despite your eloquent and helpful (so marked) answer, this is a software glitch on this phone. These are not two bit amateur apps developed in someone's garage and I don't believe they're all at fault. The fault lies in the one common denominator, the phone.

    Thank you for your response.

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    The thing about those reports is that it cannot determine if those behaviors are good or bad. For example, if you have a if you have a security camera application where you get a notification whenever the motion detection is triggered, then you will see a warning that the app is frequently waking the device, but it does not mean that the app is misbehaving.

    The useful of that process monitor is when you see an app that normally does nothing when you are not using it, all of a sudden waking the device like crazy or using a ton of CPU when you don't remember ever touching it.

    An example on my device is foldersync, it reports that it keeps the device awake, but that is the expected behavior since when doing a system backup to my NAS (it does this while it is charging), it will keep the device awake as long as needed to complete the transfer.

    For BSplayer, it reports that the CPU is overloaded, though that is because it will consistently hold the CPU at around 900MHz and do a 30-40% CPU load at those clock speeds while playing 1080p 10 bit h.264 video.

    Overall, it does reports with no interpretation/ reasoning behind the activity, and it is up to the user to determine if that behavior is normal or not.

    An example of where it would be useful is if you suddenly saw a text editor that you like in that list. Sadly some developers will go crazy and release a malicious update to their app, for example the free version of IP cam viewer had an update that added notification ads and audio and video ads that would start randomly while the app was opened, thus it constantly kept the device awake as it constantly grabbed new ads. It was originally a well behaved app that became bad through an update .

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    @jimlloyd40 I understand what you're saying and I am aware of the individual app settings like how often weather gets updated. Thankfully the 50 to 0 thing was a one time thing and hasn't happened since.

    I was concerned that the help text use of the word "event" meant plugging in the remote.

    I do use the "Smart power-save" option for Power Plan and frequently turn data/wifi off, sync is always off. I am definitely conscious of battery saving techniques as I've been using Android since 2010.

    The main point of my post was the "CPU is overloaded" message which may just be a poorly translated way of the phone saying that the app uses more CPU than it considers normal.

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