Lock screen camera question

My youngest daughter keeps unlocking my phone by going to the camera on the bottom right side of my lock screen, then once she access's the camera, she presses the home screen and can get into my phone. Is there any way I can take off the camera feature on my lock screen? Or can I lock that feature on my lock screen? I really like my ZTE Zmax Pro, but if I keep having this issue, I may upgrade to a different brand. Does anyone know if the new ZTE Blade has the same feature? Or have they upgraded that issue, because I see this as a security issue for anyone to get into my phone. What's the point of a lock screen code or password if my 3 year old Autistic child can get into my phone


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    Thats very strange I havnt seen that before, do you have an actual lock screen on like pin or pattern? The Axon pro , Axon 7 Mini, Axon 7 , and Blade Z Max as well as every other device ive tested all require you to enter your pin or pattern whenever you try pressing the out of the camera the dont even let you do into the gallery or view photos just snap a picture or video

    @coldheat06 this happen on your Zmax?

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    @BrandyNic12, you got a 3 year old hacker:). Joking. It should not be like this.

    I wonder if you have "Smart Lock" enabled. The Smart Lock will automatically lock or unlock your phone if you have an allowed device (such as your location, wifi, smart watch etc) nearby. Double check that under setting --> security -- > smartlock.

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    @BrandyNic12 Hi I have the ZMax Pro and have tested that out a couple times now.... but I can not duplicate it.

    Please verify that you do not have Smart Lock on as @samsamha stated above

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