Blade Spark Z971- Junk or being patched to fix issues

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Well, where do I start. After 9 1/2 dealing with AT&T finally got to start using my new phone, now after 16 hours I have decided getting this phone was the biggest mistake I have ever made buying a cell phone. The reception / connection is crap in my area, Straight talk (at&t sim card) was way better to start with. The phone lags something fierce, if I install an app facebook messenger for example it takes 15 min to load, then once it does it freezes up at every step, need to reboot the phone to get it to the next step of setup, then freezes, reboot, next step and so on , this happens with every app. lets talk about storage, 16gb on the phone, but only 5 or 6 free for apps, this is some bull **** right here. Its like every other cheap piece of garbage out there. The phone speaker ( for the ear) is weak and quiet, the sound is garbage. So question is any of the lag and freezing issues going to be addressed or did I just buy a new paper weight?


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    @RichP Good Evening. Let's see if perhaps one of our CPAs @razor512 @coldheat06 are able to assist you in troubleshooting this further. Should you need anything else, please give me a shout.

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    If it is a carrier device, one of the first set of steps to try for improving performance is uninstall or disable all of the bloatware.

    The device should have around 7GB of free space for apps, as well as a micro SD card slot for additional storage.

    With the SOC and 2GB of RAM, it should not be laggy for most normal tasks ( including web browsing and social media), so one troubleshooting step I recommend is a factory reset, and do not restore a google backup (since its can restore settings and other data that normally will not have any controls available within the UI.

    Beyond that, after a fresh setup, the first 30-60 minutes may be a little slower than normal as it will be updating all preinstalled software as well as doing the background app optimization that android 7 does.

    Since it is not a very old device, there there is a chance for more updates but to be sure, someone from ZTE, as well as the carrier will have to provide details on that.

    Other than all of that, one thing I recommend doing is disabling the fade and slide transitions in the UI.

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    For cell signal, also check the coverage map for your area.

    The antennas are pretty standard with no internal obstructions that would typically harm reception. furthermore, transmit power is within the normal range.

    For audio volume, check check your sound levels (you should have 3-4 audio sliders) Furthermore, you should also check if your device has an equalizer such as dolby atmos, as many of them will have a volume leveler which will help boost low audio levels.

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