Notched style?

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Does anyone know of anywhere online that sells the "notched" style of strap, similar to what came with the ZTE Quartz? It fits the 22mm lugs, but then is wider outside the lugs (probably 24mm at least) before tapering down to the buckle area.

I like that it gives more girth to the watch, and seems suited to the size of the case. I have it on a regular 22mm strap now, because I don't really like the rubber strap it came with, but now it looks kind of oddly skinny. Wish it came with wider lugs, given the case thickness.

I found this photo (belongs to Paultech7 I think) and I like that strap -- fits wider outside the lugs. Anyone know what strap it is?


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    @Paultech is using the original band that came with the ZTE Quartz.

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    Hi there is also a website you can check its called Clockwork Synergy they have a good variety of bands for the ZTE Quartz to choose from.

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    I've wondered the same thing about bands. I got a couple different ones for my Quartz, but the band is 22mm just like the pins, and like you said looks skinny compared to the watch case. I've tried searching for a wider band with 22mm pins without luck.

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    Ha, wow, the blue looks so much more pronounced in the photo, I thought it was a different strap. I can barely even see the blue on mine, it's so dark in most lighting, kind of blends right in. In fact, I thought it was all black, at first, until noticing the blue, so I thought maybe that was a different version. Thanks for the replies.

    I did check Clockwork, and they don't have a dedicated section for our watch, but, yes, I see they do sell 22mm straps. Nothing with the notched corners, however.

    And, yes, I've had no luck either finding anything notched. Seems one can buy a wider strap and also buy a "notching" tool, but I've read a lot of mixed reviews about that not working out too well, for the finished product.

    For now I'm using a soft leather "rally" style (perforated leather) which is really comfortable, but I did like the notched style on the original strap.

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