ZTE Warp Elite N9518

I have a question as well as a complaint...why has there been no further updates for the Warp Elite(barely a year old)? I ask because it's not as though the OEM(ZTE) can say it's deprecated or antiquated hardware, since they released the Warp 7 (With Marshmallow) which is the EXACT same phone and EXACT same specs with the exception of a USB Type-C. Am I to assume these devices are cheap, disposable third rate products and that this company will not (at the very least) support security updates?(Even when there's known vulnerabilities)

Secondly if you won't provide updates(even though you're the third largest OEM in the United States) why can't you provide a bootloader unlock solution so that the development community can at least provide security patches and updates for unsupported devices?

Lastly while you guys are making some very nice mid range devices I will say that this is my last ZTE. Just simply based on the lack of support plus I don't think it's fair to have to buy the EXACT same phone (just repackaged in a different housing) to get a software update. If you guys want to be taken seriously you're going to have to do better. (Take a page from Moto and Lenovo...mid range devices and the development community saved that brand.)




  • Hello Chris,

    Could you please DM me and provide your device MEID (that can find from device setting--about phone--status--MEID) then I can trace the GOTA upgrading status on the server side?

    Actaully, no matter if its Warp Elite N9518 or Warp 7, ZTE have quarterly Google security patches pushing.

    for the bootloader to unlock this device, ZTE at this time does not have a plan to release on this device for this based Carrier's unlock policy. sorry for this inconvenience.



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    Hi ....  is a safe contact to provide your IMEI to. I just wanted to add this in so you were aware.

  • I finally received the November 2016 patch. Hope you guys will eventually release Marshmallow for this device to address the RAM and display issues mentioned in other forums.

    As relates to the bootloader the carrier in mention is Boost and there are several unlockable devices in their inventory. The G2, G3, Moto E & G and several Galaxy devices just to name a few.

    I know software doesn't sale and you guys have a bottom line to deal with so I'm not naive in regards to how the world works. Thanks for the security patch and your attention regarding this matter.



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    I couldn't agree more with this.  The memory leak issue on the phone is maddening.  Wouldn't be so bad if the bootloader could be unlocked, or some kind of permanent root could be had on this device.  It's a very capable phone, and for the most part runs flawless.  But keeping it locked onto android 5.1,either by lack of updates, or lack of some developer tools is a shame.

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    Be careful what you wish for. Bought a new N9518 in June from my provider, Kroger i-wireless. And in September received a ZTE update. Well guess what, it bricked the phone. At least to an extent. Every 500 factory resets it may be usable for an hour, then right back to a boot loop. Of course when I bought it it was unlocked. Not only did the update trash the phone, if it does come up it have some new apps that can't be removed and are difficult to disable. The Good folks at ZTE support could only suggest doing a factory reset. Over 1000 time of doing that so far. All in all it's going back for a refund with a chargeback request to the credit crd company. So don't ask for an update and don't ever run one if you get one. Espectially when support at ZTE can only suggest doing a factory reset once a minute for 5 or 6 thousand time and maybe you'll get to use the phone for an hour... Grrrrr......

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