How to install custom rom from ZTE site

I have a ZTE Warp 7 with lots of Bloatware from Boost Mobile. I saw on the ZTE site I can download a marshmallow kernel tar.gz file. Does that contain the Rom file from ZTE that is "clean" from ZTE? My phone is locked so I am not sure if there is a way to unlock it so I can install a clean version from ZTE. I assume I would need root access. I have found how to unlock bootloader but I am uncertain how to root the phone without Bricking it. I am new to rooting but I am pretty good with computers, etc... Can anyone help me? Thanks.


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    hi, @zipmann007yahoo ,

    kernel and rom are not exactly the same,. The Warp 7 is a carrier device so often times, you won't be able to find the downloadable rom on zte site as it is often be found on the carrier site. Just be aware that if you wish to install any custom rom (assuming there is one), that you will also void the warranty.

    I don't have much info regarding to how to root or installing custom rom but you can check out XDA Developer. There, you would find a lot of information. While running custom rom is not too difficult, though there is always a risk of rendering a device not operational. So definitely make sure you read up on that and make sure you follow the instruction to the T.

  • Thanks for the response. I've looked on XDA Developer and haven't found anything worthwhile for the ZTE Warp 7.

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    It's my understanding that rolling back to MM will allow root on N9159.

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