Not receiving all text messages and phone calls.

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On 5-9-2017 I purchased two ZTE Max XL phones from the Boost Mobile Online Store for my wife and I. I am getting some of my text messages and phone calls. This is causing me quite a lot of trouble. I am the Service & Installation Manager for a electronic security company that maintains several State and a couple of Federal government sites. (I am not trying to boast. I am simply trying to give scale to the size of the head aches I have to deal with.). I need to be able for my customers and/or technicians to reach out to me at anytime they need to. After 20 years in the field accumulating knowledge and specialty tools, my phone is the most important tool at my disposal these days. When I do get text messages in real time, they repeat until I reset my phone. I have good cell reception and it is not location specific. Hours and sometimes a full day later I receive messages that were part of a long past conversation. I have updated and refreshed the PRL and Profile on my phone along with soft resets. This is happening to both my wife's and my phones. I dont trust these phones at all. It is causing me some major grief. I need to get this sorted out as soon as possible. I don't have the resources to just throw these phones away and get new ones. I have tried to work with Boost Mobile Tech Support but they are not getting me any closer to a resolution. I feel like this is a Boost issue and not a ZTE problem. I am more inclined to be a loyal ZTE customer than I am a Boost Mobile customer. But I have never had an issue like this with either company. Any insight that could be offered will be greatly appreciated.

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  • JohnSRileyJrJohnSRileyJr San Antonio, TexasPosts: 3 ✭✭

    Yes Sir. That's correct. I have never had problems like this with my service. Even with my other ZTE phones. I do believe it has something to do with the Boost activation process. I have done several factory resets but, the problem is still present.

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    I bought my XL in June 2017 and have been having the exact same issue! I don't get calls or texts periodically and then sometimes it repeats texts over and over sometimes 20-30 times. Even if I turn off my phone and turn it back on, it continues. I have had the phone app (dialer) go out on me where I could only make calls through the contacts area. This is not due to my reception or service. I have reset my phone and done cache clears, uninstalled apps etc. And still am having the issue as we speak, I am right now receiving the same message 10 times so far.

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    I have been having the same issue. As well as my Bluetooth not working. Has anyone found a solution? I have been with boost for over 6 years and have never had this problem I have had ZTE products before, but every since I got the Max it has not worked correctly. I have reset and reset now they want me to send my phone in for 10 days to see if they can fix it.

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    My husband and I have this same phone and experience this same problem. Our carrier is Virgin Mobile. He doesn't receive more than half of texts that are sent. The ones he receives are random. I am now experiencing a problem where messages will come thru delayed at random odd hours in the early morning, like 3am. We've tried multiple things to try and fix but nothing has worked. I honestly believe once your phone is over a year old they purposefully cause inconvenient malfunctions with their updates to prompt owners to purchase new phones. I'll switch back to the LG Stylus before I buy another one of these phones.
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