How to transfer .pdf files from a desktop computer to a phone ??

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I have Blade Z Max. I want to connect the phone by USB cable to a desktop computer running windows XP, to transfer some .pdf files from that desktop into the phone.

Then what I want to do after the .pdf files have been transferred into the Blade Z Max, is to, with a wireless connection to an HP 2544 Printer (direct wireless, no router used) print those .pdf files.

Do I need to download an app into the phone to do transfer .pdf files into the phone, to then later print them out??

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    Hi @Rover I USB my phone directly to my laptop and copy files that way.
    If the computer does not see your phone you might have to change your settings in phone.
    Go to settings
    Scroll down to connect to pc
    Mark MTP.
    Then the computer will see phone.
    Let us know


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    hi, @Rover

    What @jimlloyd40 said would work.

    I just want to add some other idea. You could also do is just upload these files to a cloud service like google doc or dropbox. Then you could access them anywhere or download to your phone.

    As for printing. Z Max does support printing. You would just have to set it up in the setting-->printing. You may have to download the printer's service plugin in the playstore or use google cloud print if your printer support it.

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    @jimlloyd40 said:
    The most simple way to get them on the phone from your PC is to email them to yourself and then download them on your phone. Much faster than messing with a cable. I don't know if the Blade Zmax is capable of printing. Look in the phone settings for a printing category. If all you want to do is print them why can't you avoid this and just print them from your PC @Rover.

    The issue, and it's complicated, is that the old XP Desktop that the .pdf files are on, does not accept the software upload (by USB Memory Stick) to work directly with the printer. Also, there is no internet service to the desktop, so there's no emailing from it. The old printer that worked well with the desktop died. The desktop's connectivity issue with the new printer is not something I'm wanting to try and resolve at this time. That's for another day...

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    I see. If there is no internet service on the desktop, chances are it also does not have network capability (because if it does, you could potentially share the file over the network or setup network printing).

    In this case, I think you have two options.

    1-using the cable as you initially planned. I have not use windows xp on the phone so I am not sure if there is a driver or how well does the mtp works on windows xp.

    2-If that fails, I guess you could just use a USB stick to transfer the file to a pc for printing.

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    Have you copied the files to the phone? Are you having issues with that aspect or is it trying to print from the phone to the printer you are having issues with?

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    Microsoft does have some MTP software for windows XP if needed.

    Save it to a flash drive and then install it on the windows XP system, then transfer the files you need to the smartphone via USB.

    Outside of that, the only other simple process is using Bluetooth (if the PC has a Bluetooth radio, if not then one can be purchased for around $1) they can work well for smaller files, though a large 100MB PDF can take a long time to transfer.

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