Trouble swapping apps from one screen to another

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So I just got a new Axon M from AT&T, and I've been having trouble swapping apps from one screen to the other. I'd like to first describe the problem, and then suggest what I think what might be a good solution.

The problem is that some apps are very difficult to swap from one screen to the other using the 3-finger gesture. Meanwhile, some apps swap over to the other screen easier than others.

With some apps, the whole app is full of buttons and other user-interactable elements, and when you're trying to swap over the app, it thinks you're pressing a button. Even if you use 3 fingers.

For example, the Gmail app is EXTREMELY difficult to swap over. In the Gmail app, swapping an email means to archive it. So every time I use three fingers to swap the Gmail app, it thinks I'm trying to archive an email. The only solution I found for the Gmail app is to put my 3 fingers on a small section of the app that has no buttons or emails. At the top of the Gmail app, there is a small, empty ribbon without any user-interactable elements. That's the only part of the app I can use to swap. But it's almost exactly the size of my fingers, meaning that my 3 fingers just barely fit inside this empty space. So if my fingers are off by a millimeter, then I accidentally archive an email instead of swapping screens.

By contrast, if I'm reading an all-text webpage in Chrome, it's very easy to swap the app, because clicking on plain text doesn't "do" anything. If I put my 3 fingers down and swipe, there's no other interpretation than that I'm trying to swap the app.

The way it is right now, it's just begging for the user to make a mistake, which is especially bad if you're dealing with sensitive data on the phone e.g., trying to edit a spreadsheet. The beauty of the large screen is that you can do some serious productivity work on it. But trying to swap by clicking the app itself makes it easy to corrupt sensitive data. For example, you try to swap a spreadsheet, and instead, it thinks you tried to drag data from one cell to another. If I were editing a sensitive spreadsheet, I would be too afraid to try to swap the app, because I already know that in the Gmail app, almost every attempt to swap the app results in archiving an email instead. So there are a lot of sensitive apps that I would simply be too afraid to use on the Axon M.

So what I suggest is that add a small ribbon or button whose only purpose is to swap the app. That way, there's a dedicated button to swap screens, instead of trying to use 3 fingers on the app and hope that the app knows you're not trying to interact with the app itself.

For example, I can imagine a special "swap screens" button next to the "M" button. The same way the "M" button already switches between various screen modes, there could be another button whose purpose is to swap apps from one screen to the other. Maybe two arrows, a left arrow and a right arrow, next to the M button. The left arrow would swap the left-side app onto the right-screen, and the right-arrow would swap the right-side app onto the left-screen. Or perhaps it could be a double-sided arrow, and when you click it, it expands to show two arrows, one facing each direction. Just as an example.

The point is, I'd like to see a way to swap apps from one screen to the other that doesn't rely on swiping the app itself. Because when the app is filled with user-interactable elements, it's too easy to interact with those elements - and corrupt your data - when you're really trying to swap the app.

Thank you.


  • jasonejasone United StatesPosts: 2,118 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I feel your pain on this one I can maybe get the screens to swap 5% of the time that I try and the rest of the times it's an exercise in futility. I was thinking a good way to handle it would be to allow the swipe on the navigation bar to swap the screens instead of switching between Extended A and A|B mode. This action already has a button shortcut and it's redundant, while the swapping of the apps has no dedicated button and the shortcut is infuriating to put it kindly.

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    I have major issues with the 3 finger swap for screens. So much so I don't use it. I end up switching them manually. This issue has been brought to the attention of the ZTE team for improvement. A dedicated app button to swap screens would be a nice improvement.

  • jasonejasone United StatesPosts: 2,118 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    It is so frustrating to use that I pretend it doesn't even exist because it might as well not exist with how unreliable it is. Another way they could try to implement it is with a long press of the recent apps button since that shortcut is dead.

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