My husband and I have each had 3 ZTE ZMAX phones, we loved them, the battery life was awesome, never ran out and we us our phones all day for business... could not get them anymore so we settled for ZMAX Pro. These are the worst phones we have ever had. They have to be charged constantaly, we both have to charge 6 or more times a day. We complained when we first got them and we were told that there had been very few complaints about battery life on the Pro but there was an update coming, I asked for it to be sent then, I was refused, and told we would get the update when it was released as our turn. This was last March it's December and we have started carring around pocket chargers so we can make it thru the day. We have checked what's running in the background and closed what needs to be closed. With no extras running, I unplugged my phone at about 7:30 AM and now at 9:25 AM after about 6 texts, 1 call and nothing else, it is now at 79%. What happens when i actually use it? This is not an acceptable phone, my SD card has been
a hassle as well, but I can deal with that. The phone is soooooo inferior to the ZMAX we loved so much and ZTE's only help is reset your phone or send it in.....2 weeks without a phone...I was told to go to Walmart and buy a new phone, send mine in and take back the phone when mine comes back. That's also crappy service. We spent our money with ZTE several times and we are told to purchase another one and HOPE we can return it. LAST ZTE DOLLAR SPENT. While we had ZMAX phones we were cheerleaders, the phones were awesome but this PRO and the way ZTE has handled our problems has sent us shopping with our chargers attached.

BTW.... we have purchased 8 chargers which are all inferior and 1 even shorted out and burned me.


  • hollaphollap United StatesPosts: 8,377 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @[email protected] I can attempt to assist you. Let's focus on one phone at this time. Where did you purchase it and what carrier are you running on it? Also, what build of software are you currently running on it? Are you willing to attempt a Facory Reset? If so, perform a clean factory reset and DO NOT install from a backup. Do not add any apps and then test battery life. That will be our starting point. Thanks!

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    My Zmax Pro ran like a champ. The Blade, supposed to be an upgrade. Almost, except the processor was dumbed down. Mixed feelings about ZTE. Guarantee my next phone will be root-able

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