Grand X Max 2 Froze on Cricket logo

I live in Illinois and have a Z988 Grand X Max 2 that I bought back in April 2017. I was taking a video last week when 30 seconds into the video my phone screen flashed 3-4 times then the phone shut off. I hurried to turn it back on so I could finish videoing. When I turned it back on, it went through the product screen, went to the Cricket logo, then it asked for my password like it always does. I entered my password and it said starting android then went to the Cricket logo again...still normal. The problem is, that is as far as it ever gets. It will stay on the logo until the phone goes dead. It never boots up. I tried letting the battery go dead because I cant remove the battery. I cleared the cache by going to the recovery mode. I tried to boot up in safe mode but does same thing. I could factory reset and try that but when the phone crashed, my wife and I were on our anniversary cruise and I have pictures and videos I would really like to recover. I can't get the phone to connect to my computer to get the internal memory out. I had assumed Google was backing up EVERYTHING including my photos but I was wrong. Is there anyway to recover the internal memory without dismantling this thing especially since it is still under warranty. Would an update that I could load onto my SD card then use the recovery mode to upload it help? Someone told me something about ABD loader? I'm afraid when I send it in to the service center I may never see my pictures again so I'm trying everything I can first. Cant use recovery software because I cant get the phone to connect anyway. Any ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!!


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    Based on the information you've given, I don't see any way for you to recover your pictures.
    It would have been nice if they were saved to SD card or Google Photos.
    The only other thing I can think of that you haven't tried, would be to take the phone to a specialist who can dismantle the phone and attempt to recover images that way, and that process can be very expensive.

    Since the device is still under warranty, and if you haven't done anything to the device to void the warranty, you should take it back to Cricket and they might have some kind of solution for you, but unfortunately I feel the only solution they may have is to replace the device. This is assuming that resetting the phone via recovery doesn't fix the phone, but I know your current issue is to avoid that to save the pictures.

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    So...Google owns the operating system correct? One would think they would have a way to update the operating system through the recovery mode. Thank you for your time.

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    @dagwood24il an update via the SD card in recovery wouldn't work because your phone is probably already updated. But since you asked that question I'll assume that the Grand X MAX 2 uses an SD card and that you have an SD card installed. So why wouldn't your pictures be on the SD card?

    Well, when I bought the phone I tried to set up to where the pictures would save to the SD card but couldn't get it to. At the time I was also working anywhere from 15 to 20 hours a day 6 and sometimes 7 days a week from Feb 1st up to two weeks ago when I finally got to take a vacation. Its been a rough year! lol I'm just going to say heck with it and do the hard reset to see if it helps. If not, its still under warranty so ill send it in. Thank you for taking the time to help. Ill post what happens after the reset so maybe it will help someone else looking for the same answer.

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