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My guess is that none or few people are using this device in the way I am with a midi controller keyboard connected to it. I pre-ordered the Axon M and had mic trouble so a replacement was sent. When I was using my audio DAW app with the pre-order unit, I could go into another app and play audio with both apps. Only certain music apps would allow me to do this. I setup my phone the same way on the replacement unit as the pre-order one. I could play the midi keyboard for at least an hour or more playing it with audio from the other app running. Either something has changed or there is a fluke somewhere. I did notice the floating circle disappeared one day on the pre-order unit. Audio worked the same way and brought focus to which ever app I used after the icon disappeared. So if I had YouTube on the left playing I could tap another video app on the right side and play it's audio then when I touched the left screen the YouTube audio would play. I could have YouTube on the left and my DAW on the right playing instruments from my keyboard with the YouTube video. Now that I have the new phone the floating circle is back. If I open YouTube on the left and the DAW on the right I have to choose one audio source over the other. I can trick it into playing both audio sources if I start the YouTube video first then open my DAW
and play keyboard. If I click on the YouTube video the audio focus returns and my keyboard stops playing at some point not long after. It's as if the background process dies much quicker than before. This was a major reason I kept the phone. Is there a way to remove he floating audio focus icon on A/B mode? I know Android has limitations on audio focus but I was starting to see some promise with making music on Android. I was hoping to play my DAW and be able to switch apps live with it running in the other screen. I now seemed to have lost that ability. As I said only certain music apps allow me to do this.


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    I'll give AA a shot this week and report back.

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    @louisd said:
    I'll give AA a shot this week and report back.


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    I havent been able to get audio playing from both screens yet, even with the youtube trick it only plays one for me. The device itself should play audio from only one source at a time.

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    It depends on how the app is made and some with the order you use them. The audio icon disappeared again on the new phone after I used multiple apps. It is either because I ran a system update or was playing with a number of apps using audio simultaneously. It does still focus on which ever app you have active. I actually prefer not having to touch the icon to change audio sources so I won't miss it.

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