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My fingerprint reader stopped working so I performed a Factory reset. During the initial fingerprint setup process it read my fingerprint a few times but stopped so I couldn't get through the registration process. I emailed support two days ago and haven't heard anything back. Is ZTE support always this slow to respond this is my first attempt and I'm not impressed with ZTE compared to other manufacturers I've contacted before.


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    @jimlloyd40 said:
    Don't email ZTE. Their email is atrocious. Use "online chat" or call 800-617-5065.

    Agreed, I generally call for support when needed.

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    I would suggest using the web chat since its really easy to speak to a rep, you can also reach out to the Axon Vip Line as well below

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    Guess I'll have to call or try online chat, 3 days later still no response. Why do they even offer email if they aren't going to check it?

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    I finally received my replacement device. I took the day off work to sign for it and then wiped my original phone and spent some signficant time setting up the replacement device. I was boxing up the original phone with the bad fingerprinter scanner and decided to remove the screen cover that is temporary for packaging purposes on the new device. Only to find a large scratch on the screen, which means it was there before they mailed it to me. I contacted ZTE support and now they want me to mail back one of the two devices. Then wait for processing and then start the whole process over again. I have little confidence they won't screw up the holds they put on my credit card when they receive back the replacement device and not the original with the hardware failure. This will be likely be my first and last ZTE device based off this experience. I bought the same phone for my wife and I hope hers last longer than mine. ZTE is putting the burdon on me now when they are mailing out "like new devices" with defects like large scratches on the screen. The person I spoke with wasn't interested in making it right and wants me to jump through all the hoops again, very disappointed with ZTE.

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    @troymv505 Good Evening. Please call Customer Service and request a supervisor.

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    I just started having the problem with the finger print sensor last night. It locked me out of my phone for 24 seconds. The phone did the same thing last week but I thought it was a fluke. Honestly I hate my A7 more and more each day. I have never owned a phone that has new problems crop up every other day like the A7 does. I guess they are "features" from ZTE.

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    This problem comes and goes, the fingerprint scanner will randomly stop working for days at a time. I try it again later on a whim and then it comes back to life. This is not a dependable product and I have other issues with the phone shutting off in temperatures below 30F.

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