Unfortunately, stock Andriod has stopped



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    @Garyours said:
    I am sick and tired of this Android problem. I have done factory reset for more than necessary and it keep saying unfortunately Android has stop. Please if there is no solution to this Android issue let me know so I can stop using Android phones.

    It's not an Android issue per se...it's the phone you are using that has an issue. The Android OS has been modified on whichever phone you have, thus the issue is either with the modified software or some kind of corruption within the phone itself.

    If you have done many factory resets, it's time for a new device as you should have a 1yr manufacturer warranty . However, if you feel that strongly about it being an Android problem then maybe Android isn't for you. Good luck with whatever decision you make, I do hope you find a device you like.

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    I had this problem and tried EVERYTHING mentioned with no long term success UNTIL I found a post that actually helped me fix my phone! The problem is tied into your launcher. You need to download a new launcher app (I used Evie and love it) and it will solve all of these issues you are having. My phone no longer "has a mind of its own" and for three weeks now I have not had the Stock Android notification pop up once. My phone is running like a new phone again!

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    Method 1: Update the application and software

    Sometimes outdated software does not support the application and causes problems, so updates can solve the problem.

    Method 2: Clear the cache

    Cache files are the main source of errors and problems running in the application, and most issues related to Apps can be solved by clearing the cache. To clear the cache first, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > select the All tab > select the application that generated the error > click Clear Cache and Data.

    Method 3: Reinstall the application

    This is the best way to remove the the app has stopped error in Android. In this method, first uninstall the application that caused the error and then reinstall it.

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