ZTE Spro 2. What USB camera do you recommend ?

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Hello, my name is Adrian, new member. Thanks for making this forum available, Glad I found you!

I have an Spro2 that I'm so happy With (Using it throughout the house for evening Movies via Plex, or Amazon, with a Bluetooth Speaker, got a remote as well. Also Projecting Photos for my job..AWESOME little gadget)

Now, I'd like to use it in a few different scenarios, all of which imply using a USB a camera.

1- I'd like to use it for online conferencing via skype or other app(grandma looks more scary if larger than life :)) .
I'd need a camera for that.

2- I'd like to make an art projector, where one could present their work to a larger audience with a camera facing 90Degrees down. Imagine those old school transparency projectors used in schools a while back. (my son has a personal storybook presentation)

3- Having a Live Stream on Social media, again with projecting if possible..

Now, A mazon has lost of usb affordable cameras, but would like to get your opinions , and maybe just confirm that a specific one worked ok for you.

Thanks, happy that I found you!



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