Any one have the same problem?? Please help!

What's up every one. First off, thank you for all your help that will be given to me in the next few days or so. I have an Axon M. This will be my second Axon M I've had. The problem I've been having is the right screen (fold out screen) has a different tint or hue to the screen. Sometimes it looks darker. My last Axon M had the same problem, the screen was darker or lighter depending on the lighting. Very noticeable. I've seen a few reviews on YouTube of the phone and some of them also have the same problem. At night, I can see the fold out screen flciker and dim in and out when I scroll or type. Both of my phones did that. Is this a manufacturer/hardware flaw or can this be fixed with an update??


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    @EddieStrike Evening. I haven't noticed this but perhaps @musicdjm can assist you a little better.

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    hi, @EddieStrike

    On my Axon M, the two screen color is not 100% matching and I can notice slight difference in color. For most day to day use, it does not bother me as much but I can definitely notice the color difference especially with white color. Other color does not appear to be so noticeable.

    I have not notice the dimming that you mentioned or the flickering that you mentioned. Do you happen to have auto-brightness enabled, I wonder if the dimming that you mentioned can be related to that.

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    Mine has a very slight different hue.

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    My first Axon M was more noticeable than the replacement device I received. There is a difference. I am thinking a got a previously used refurbished device when I got tbe phone new or the replacement device was. I was informed my replacement device only had a 90 day warranty. Long story.

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    The screens will typically match. Unless you are running powersaver. Then it will dim secondary screen more than the primary. Also sometimes they won't match due to a glitch in the auto brightness feature. So, if your powersaver is off, just bump the brightness slider and they go right back into sync.

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    phone glitch didn't mean to post twice, apologies.

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